Social Recruiting – Where To Start?

In September 2010, I traveled to the UK at the invitation of #TruEvents host Bill Boorman (and thanks to the good folks at Jobsite) to attend the #TruManchester UnConference.

While there, I had the opportunity to meet several online UK and European friends in person and also shared my Number One Tip For Getting Started With Social Media Recruitment in a short video interview with Mike E. Taylor of Web Based Recruitment.

My tip? First, find and connect with “influencers” in Recruiting and follow what they’re doing online.

I’m constantly learning from others and getting great ideas from those who are successfully using social recruiting tools and methods to attract and recruit talent. There are some very creative folks out there who are doing it right – and there’s also a few who are doing it wrong. (It’s good to learn from them too.)


If you’re looking for some great people to learn from and follow on Twitter, check out my 100+ Suggestions for Recruiters/HR Pros to Follow on Twitter.

I’d also recommend checking out the recent lists from listing people who are considered to be influential (online) in the HR and Recruiting worlds. Many of these folks are doing some creative things online in terms of blogging, videos, eBooks, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. that are worthy of taking a look at.

The HRExaminer lists are compiled by checking online keyword mentions of content related to each area, so while some of the individuals listed may not be practitioners, they’re consistently putting content and opinions out in the digital world, so they provide good places to start. (I’m honored to be included on both lists at #17 and #16, respectively.)

What do you think? What would be the first step you’d recommend for someone wanting to learn more about social recruiting?

I’d love for you to share some suggestions in the Comments section!