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Today, I face something that I haven’t faced in over six years. And I’m doing it intentionally, because it’s time for growth and change. It’s time to discover something new.

This morning, I deleted all of my blog subscription feeds (I use Feedly as my RSS Reader) for Human Resources, Recruiting and Talent Management blogs.

And I feel empty.

Back in early 2008, I discovered blogs. The HR Capitalist (Kris Dunn) was my first.

You never forget your first.

As I read more, followed links to other blogs and subscribed to more, I subscribed to hundreds of blogs. I learned. I built relationships with some bloggers. Many became friends, mentors and business partners.

I’ll always be grateful for the knowledge that they so freely shared and how they helped me to grow as I stepped out of the corporate human resources world into executive recruiting and then into building my own business.

At one point, I subscribed to over 300 blog feeds. Not all of them were HR, recruiting and talent management-related, but many in those categories were definitely in my “must read” folder.

However, over the last couple of years, I’ve been slowly unsubscribing to various blogs and now my “must read” list is down to just three. Which makes me kinda sad.

Why the reduction in force?

I’m tired of reading about the same topics (engagement, performance management, culture, sourcing, onboarding, etc.) without any new perspectives. I’m tired of content marketing. I’m tired of posts that are posted just because it’s Monday (or Tuesday, or any other day of the week).

So, I’m starting over. I want your help. And I’ll share what I learn.

The 31-Day to the Best HR and Recruiting Blogs List Plan:

Here’s the Plan: Leave a comment with 1 – 3 blogs that you love and/or learn from in the comments section. (Heck, you can even nominate your own!)

I’ll subscribe to all of the HR/Recruiting-related blogs mentioned during the period of July 1st – July 31st, and I’ll read (okay at least seriously skim) every post. I’ll share posts that I think are great with my social networks (LinkedIn, Twitter, Twitter and Facebook) to spread the word and share the goodness. I’ll also keep track of how many posts I share from each blog over the course of the month.

In August, I’ll share on this blog my Top 25 Human Resources & Recruiting Blogs of 2014 list, which will be compiled primarily based upon my shares, but also a little bit of magic pixie dust (i.e. personal opinion).

Want to help me out?

Please nominate 1 – 3 of your favorite Human Resources or Recruiting blogs in the Comments below to get them in my Feedly Reader for the month of July 2014 for evaluation.

With your help, I’d love to find some new voices, recognize some old ones and also help you connect to some great resources in this process!

Free eBook: LinkedIn Essentials: The Modern Recruiter’s Guide

In their recently released eBook, “LinkedIn Essentials: The Modern Recruiter’s Guide”, the good folks at LinkedIn share many of the principles of modern recruiting, including tips on everything from personal branding and profiles to sourcing, job listings, and talent brand.

I was honored to be one of several Recruiting and Human Resources leaders who were asked to share my thoughts in the Guide on what it means to be a “modern Recruiter”. My quote is listed below.

Modern recruiters are experts at identifying talent, building relationships and creating connections with candidates and potential candidates using all of the tools and information available to us – including in-person networking, the phone, social media and mobile.

Finding talent is only the first step. Modern recruiters make the company’s talent brand come to life through the candidate’s experience and interactions with them!

– Jennifer McClure President & Chief Talent Strategist Unbridled Talent, LLC

Want to download the full eBook? Read the full post announcing its release on the LinkedIn Talent Blog – Celebrating the Modern Recruiter!

Driving Success with LinkedIn as a Small or Mid-Sized Company | Talent Connect Vegas 2013 [video]

Recently, I had the honor of moderating a panel discussion at LinkedIn’s Talent Connect Vegas 2013 Conference on the topic of “Driving Success with LinkedIn as a Small or Mid-Sized Company”.

The esteemed panelists I had the pleasure of working with included:

Angie McDonald – Vice President of Human Resources, Realogy Holdings Group

M.T. Ray – Senior Director of Global Recruiting, ExactTarget

Arnaud Kermouche – Manager of Talent Acquisition, Uni-Select, Inc.

The following video is from our session (some subscribers may need to click here to view) and I’ve also summarized some key points from the session below the video and the time increments for each question/response.

Whether you’re using LinkedIn for recruiting, employer branding or employee engagement via a free account or using paid LinkedIn Talent Solutions, I promise you’ll find the experiences, tips and suggestions shared by these successful Talent Acquisition leaders helpful!

00:00 – 07:00 Introductions

07:01 – 13:40 Describe the evolution of LinkedIn’s role in your Talent Strategy and how it’s grown over time.

ExactTarget – Today, 95% of ET employees are on LinkedIn and over 50% of openings are filled by employee referrals.

Uni-Select – LinkedIn is now a cornerstone in the employer brand strategy and is used to increase visibility.

Realogy – Started small and had to demonstrate ROI to be able to invest more in LinkedIn. Now use LinkedIn to find candidates and fill jobs domestically and internationally.

13:41 – 22:04 How did you get your leadership to buy-in and invest in LinkedIn?

Uni-Select – Worked with LinkedIn to understand candidates, to listen to them and improve communications.

Realogy – Filled key positions in the UK and Hong Kong that would have previously been filled by outside agencies.

ExactTarget – Showed significant dollar savings in agency fees and was able to invest more in an internal sourcing team.

22:05 – 29:43 How has using LinkedIn impacted your talent acquisition efforts?

Uni-Select – Able to attract and hire for C-level and VP positions directly.

ExactTarget – Have basically stopped using agencies domestically and have had success with some international hires.

Realogy – Use LinkedIn as a strategic tool to make business proposals and present data to inform hiring managers.

29:44 – 33:22 How much of a component is LinkedIn in your Talent Acquisition strategy?

ExactTarget – At least 50%. Able to target passive talent, get employee referrals and use it for employer branding.

Realogy – LinkedIn is part of a diverse talent acquisition strategy.

Uni-Select – LinkedIn is third highest source of applicants.

33:23 – 37:13 What does the future hold for your Talent Acquisition efforts?

Realogy – Understand how to utilize mobile and also how to work more closely with hiring managers.

ExactTarget – Social recruiting in general – not just LinkedIn, but also Twitter, Instagram and other social sites.

Uni-Select – A recruiting video and communicating more effectively with employees so they can be Ambassadors for the company on LinkedIn.

37:14 – 41:30 How are you engaging your employees to recruit the talent you need?

Uni-Select – Uses lunch and learn sessions.

ExactTarget – Partnering with hiring managers and teaching them how to use LinkedIn to share jobs.

Realogy – Provides tips on how employees can improve their Profile and how franchisors can improve their Pages to get more followers and attract people to the company.

42:00 – 53:00 Audience Q&A

More great tips and info from the panelists and audience members on getting the most out of LinkedIn, getting started with a LinkedIn strategy, proving ROI and dealing with push-back from Marketing or other departments who aren’t supportive of developing an employer brand.

53:01 – 53:16 Thanks and goodbye!

Thanks to LinkedIn for once again providing a great learning and connecting experience at their annual conference!

It’s never too early to register for Talent Connect 2014 in San Francisco October 20 – 22, 2014!

Unbridled Talent LLC is a consulting and advisory firm providing services to clients in the areas of leadership development, executive communication skills and talent strategy. Jennifer McClure offers keynotes, workshops and training that inspire and teach business leaders to be more effective in their careers and as leaders of their organization’s most valuable resource – people. Contact us to schedule an event or to discuss our strategic consulting and advisory services.

How Does Human Resources Use Social Media? [Infographic]

Recently, BLR’s HR Daily Advisor published the results of their HR Trends survey – sponsored by SuccessFactors.

Although the size was relatively small (300 HR Practitioners), the survey results offer some interesting and specific insights about how HR professionals are utilizing social media in the workplace. Top areas identified for social media integration included:

  1. Recruiting
  2. Employee Communications
  3. Training
  4. Onboarding
  5. Teambuilding

Check out some of the specific responses related to How HR Uses Social Media in the infographic below and download a free copy of the full HR Trends survey results, which includes additional information and insights regarding current practices for retention and engagement, formal programs for tracking and development and key HR metrics.

BLR's 2013 Social Media Infographic

BLR’s 2013 Social Media Infographic: By


Unbridled Talent LLC is a consulting and advisory firm providing services to clients in the areas of leadership development, executive communication skills and talent strategy. Jennifer McClure offers keynotes, workshops and training that inspire and teach business leaders to be more effective in their careers and as leaders of their organization’s most valuable resource – people. Contact us to schedule an event or to discuss our strategic consulting and advisory services.

11 Human Resources, Recruiting & Leadership Practitioner Speaker Recommendations

I attend and speak at dozens of conferences each year – many focused on audiences of practitioners in the Human Resources, Recruiting and Leadership Development professions.

One common theme at all of these events? A paltry number of actual practitioners (i.e. professionals who work in their field at a company that they don’t own and/or isn’t a consulting firm and/or isn’t a law firm) on the agenda as Speakers.

I’m sure there are plenty of reasons for this, but my guess is that one of the biggest reasons is – practitioners are not “professional Speakers” who have the time or inclination to run the gauntlet required by many events in order to be considered for a coveted spot on the roster – let alone a keynote slot.

So what are you to do as an event organizer? Go get them. They’re out there. Many with tons of speaking experience and great information to share. Your conference or event will be better because you didn’t just seek out an author of some unknown book or a consultant or lawyer who will also agree to be a sponsor of your event. Trust me.

I’ve done the hard work for you. From the hundreds of Speakers I’ve seen and can personally recommend, I’m sharing my Top 11 below.

Steve Browne, SPHR – Executive Director of Human Resources, LaRosa’s, Inc.

Who’s That Guy? Steve is a fiercely passionate, intentional HR practitioner who wants to bring the entire HR community together. (Literally.)

Location: Ohio

Keynote/Session Topics:

  1. Culture, Integrating HR Throughout an Organization
  2. Using Conflict to Your Advantage
  3. Networking/Connecting with Others
  4. Innovation in HR that Sticks

Why Steve? I’ve seen Steve speak dozens of times and never miss a chance to do so. He’s often an event’s highest rated Speaker and gets invited back to speak at events year after year. He’s truly passionate about HR and is the profession’s biggest cheerleader. He’s an HR executive who tells is like it is – in a practical, fun and humorous way.

Blog: Everyday People
LinkedIn: Steve Browne, SPHR
Twitter: @sbrownehr

Broc Edwards – SVP, Director of Learning & Leadership for a fantastic community bank

Who’s That Guy? Broc is a speaker, writer, facilitator (and mountain biker) who is passionate about increasing the performance of business and humans. He seeks to play bigger, do better, and move the world.

Location: Texas

Keynote Session Topics:

  1. HR As A Competitive Advantage
  2. Next Level HR: It’s all about the User Experience
  3. Business Gets Done For, Through and By People. Period.

Why Broc? Broc is a practitioner whose sweet spot is the intersection of business and people. People are an organization’s only sustainable competitive advantage – and your audience needs to learn how to get the most out of them. Your audience also loves books by Speakers – and he’s written one – What Thinks You? A Fool’s Eye View of Human Resources.

Blog: fool (with a plan)
LinkedIn: Broc Edwards
Twitter: @brocedwards

Mary Faulkner – Director of Talent Management, ClearChoice Dental Implant Center

Who’s That Girl? Mary is a leadership & talent professional who works within organizations to help build better companies. She specializes in people and organizational development and spends her spare time thinking about self-awareness/accountability, neuroleadership, engagement, decision-making and other brainy type stuff. She’s also a random fact sponge and has a weakness for peanut butter.

Location: Colorado

Keynote/Session Topics:

  1. The Disengagement Decision: How employees get there & how leaders can help them make the right decision
  2. Surviving a Matrixed Organization – A 12 Step Program
  3. The Leader’s Legacy: Understanding & controlling your impact on your company’s culture
  4. Connecting The Dots: Why HR should play the role of “connector” in an organization & how to do it
  5. Put The “Critical” Back Into Your Thinking: How HR can help business make better decisions

Why Mary? I’ve worked with Mary in the past and have also seen her present many times. She’s excellent – both in knowledge of Leadership and Talent Management, as well as the process of building an effective and engaging presentation. She will nail a seminar, training session or keynote at your event. I promise.

Blog:  Surviving Leadership: Your Survival Guide OF and FROM Leadership
LinkedIn: Mary Faulkner
Twitter: @mfaulkner43

Amybeth Hale – Platform Services Recruiter, Concur Technologies

Who’s That Girl? Amybeth has been working as a recruitment sourcing professional for over a decade and enjoys finding interesting and talented people for great opportunities. She’s got experience working with both third party recruiting firms and corporate recruiting teams at premier companies such as Microsoft, AT&T and Waggener Edstrom Worldwide. Amybeth is also the former Editor of, an internationally recognized recruitment sourcing publication.

Keynote/Session Topics:

Amybeth can share key insights and deep experience in all aspects of candidate sourcing, prospect contact information gathering, initial prospect outreach, Internet mining, Boolean search query creation, appropriate use of social media for sourcing/prospecting.

Why Amybeth? Sometimes your conference or event needs a meaty presentation on the how-tos. For that, you need an industry expert who’s been there, done that – and continues to find new ways of doing it. I’m a long-time Fan of Amybeth and I’ve seen her present at several conferences. She knows her stuff and cares deeply about advancing the sourcing profession and building a good partnership between sourcers and recruiters. Amybeth is truly top shelf.

Blog: Check out her posts on SourceCon and +
LinkedIn: Amybeth Hale
Twitter: @researchgoddess

John Hudson, SPHR – HR Business Partner, Discovery Communications/Harpo Studios, Inc.

Who’s That Guy? John is the lucky HR Business Partner that gets to work with both Discovery Communications and Harpo Studios (and yes, he’s met Oprah many times – but he can’t tell you about it or he’ll have to kill you). He’s an HR generalist who has supported business leaders in a variety of functions including insurance, finance, legal, IT, sales and production.

Location: Illinois

Keynote/Session Topics:

  1. Getting Your Foot in the Door Without Putting Your Foot in Your Mouth – everything from building a digital footprint to making connections and then sealing an interview
  2. Building Credibility and Relationships To Increase HR’s Influence

Why John? John was a featured Speaker at the 2013 SHRM Student and Faculty Conference earlier this year and was also the emcee at last month’s 2013 Illinois SHRM Conference. He brings a fresh perspective and new ideas to the work of #TrenchHR, and he’s passionate about mentoring other HR professionals and business leaders.

Blog: Official Blogger for SHRM’s We Know Next blog
LinkedIn: John Hudson, SPHR
Twitter: @johnphudson

Jay Kuhns, SPHR – Vice President of Human Resources, All Children’s Hospital – A Member of Johns Hopkins Medicine

Who’s That Guy? Jay gets fired up about leadership, blogging, speaking, doing HR differently, healthcare, social media, coffee and hockey.

Location: Florida

Keynote/Session Topics:

  1. Taking HR Social and Not Apologizing For It
  2. HR Transformation Is A Risky Brutally Long Process That Will Change Your Life

Why Jay? Jay is changing the way HR does business by doing more than just talking about it. He’s the real deal in terms of an executive HR practitioner that your HR and business leaders want to hear from. The 2014 Louisiana SHRM Conference has already booked him as a keynote for their event next year – because, or course, they only bring in the best HR Conference keynote speakers.

Blog:  NoExcusesHR
LinkedIn: Jay Kuhns, SPHR
Twitter: @jrkuhns

Trish McFarlane – Director of Human Resources, Perficient

Who’s That Girl? Trish is a career HR business leader, having held leadership roles at Big 4, public relations, healthcare and technology consulting companies. She’s currently the head of HR for Perficient, Inc., as well as the co-founder of HRevolution – a learning and networking event for HR, marketing and social media professionals and a co-founder of the Women of HR blog community. Another “co” to add to her credentials? She co-hosts the HR Happy Hour radio show, which focuses on talent management, recruiting, HR technology, leadership, careers and more.

Location: Missouri

Keynote/Session Topics:

  1. HR Thinking Creatively: How to start a business from scratch
  2. Thinking Outside the (In)Box – Trends in HR Technology
  3. How Social Tools Empower the Organization
  4. Employer Branding and Employee Engagement

Why Trish? Trish regularly presents to audiences of senior level HR and business professionals and has been sharing her experiences as an HR Leader on her blog – HR Ringleader – for several years. She’s passionate about HR practitioners becoming educated in HR technology so they can recommend better business solutions to leadership and she is one of the few who is pushing the boundaries and seeking to expand the scope of HR within business.

Blog: HR Ringleader
LinkedIn: Trish McFarlane
Twitter: @TrishMcFarlane

Neil Morrison – Group HR Director UK and International companies, Penguin Random House

Who’s That Guy? A 17-year veteran in HR, Neil is a blogger, tweeter, agent provocateur aka loudmouth, merger of companies, changer of cultures, challenger of norms.

Location: United Kingdom

Keynote/Session Topics:

  1. Cultural Mind Shift in an Age of Discontinuity: How to transition organizations when everything has to change, but everything has to stay the same
  2. HR: The Driver of Organisational Performance: How a systemic approach can drive success

Why Neil? Your conference or event needs someone on the agenda who can talk about HR from a global perspective and also someone who can talk about HR in a way that provokes thought, change and action. (Here’s your guy.) Neil was recently named UK HR Director of the Year 2013 and he’s passionate about company culture, change, leadership, organizational development and organizational strategy. He also likes wine and cheese, so add that to his Speaker gift basket.

Blog: Change-Effect
LinkedIn: Neil Morrison
Twitter: @NeilMorrison

Lisa Rosendahl, SPHR – Human Resources Director, a federal healthcare organization

Who’s That Girl? Lisa is an astute business leader with more than 18 years of experience in human resources. She has led and provided expertise to strategic HR operations in both public and private organizations and currently works in a prominent federal healthcare organization. Lisa is also a co-founder of the Women of HR blog community.

Location: Minnesota

Keynote/Session Topics:

  1. Now Is The Time: Grow Up and Lead
  2. Breaking Down The Walls Between Human Resources and Our Customers

Why Lisa? Lisa is passionate about leading teams, developing others and building the relationships necessary to consult, advise and impact decisions as a business leader and an HR professional. She’s an engaging presenter who brings a relatable and seasoned perspective and who also motivates audiences with stories of how bringing the best of who you are to any situation can make all the difference in the world.

Blog: Lisa Rosendahl – Story. Flow. Tribe.
LinkedIn: Lisa Rosendahl, SPHR
Twitter: @lisarosendahl

Lars Schmidt – Senior Director Talent Acquisition & Innovation, NPR

Who’s That Guy? Lars is a change catalyst who believes strongly in blending best practices, technology, and relationships to develop and drive talent initiatives with limited resources; leveraging innovative recruiting techniques and building proactive and sustainable global talent programs. He’s got global talent acquisition and HR experience that spans a variety of industries including technology, web, media, non-profit, eCommerce and consulting sectors.

Location: Washington, DC

Keynote/Session Topics:

  1. Recruiting Lessons From The Trenches: How To Develop Social Recruiting Strategies That Work
  2. Recruiting To Win: Confessions Of An HR MacGyver

Why Lars? Lars has a wealth of experience in talent acquisition and HR and I’ve heard him speak many times. His presentations are a mix of how-to, practical tips and innovation. Your audience will appreciate hearing from someone who’s actually re-imagined a recruiting function and tried things that worked/didn’t work. Learn more about some of the work of Lars and his team in this article from The Washington Post.

Blog: Amplify Talent
LinkedIn: Lars Schmidt
Twitter: @ThisIsLars

Will Staney – Director of Recruiting & Strategic Programs, SuccessFactors

Who’s That Guy? Will’s career is a culmination of combining over a decade of sales experience with his passion, education, and track record of success with corporate recruiting using new media marketing tactics. He’s the guy who’s keeping up with (and implementing) emerging social, recruiting and HR technologies to ensure that SuccessFactors is on the cutting edge.

Location: Texas

Keynote/Session Topics:

Topics: Employer Branding, Talent Acquisition Social Media Strategy, Recruiting Analytics, Social Sourcing Tactics, Career Site Strategy/Design, Recruitment Marketing/Advertising Strategy (multi-channel/online campaigns), early talent programs (college/new grad recruiting)…to name a few

Why Will? Will has solid experience and success recruiting highly sought after talent in some of the most competitive industries in the world. He’s an award winner (Workforce Management’s 2013 Game Change award and Glassdoor’s Top 10 Social Recruiters) and he’s always one of the first to try new technologies. You may have seen him – he’s the guy wearing the Google Glasses.

Blog: Find Will on the SuccessFactors blog + RecruitMedia – Social Recruitment Guide
LinkedIn: Will Staney
Twitter: @willstaney


So there you have it. Choose one or several from the list. Make the Speaker approval process easy for them. PAY THEM. The work that they will put into making a great presentation at your event isn’t included in their day job and their time is valuable. Please demonstrate that you agree.

Oh, and I’d love to join anyone on this list on the Speaker roster at your event. 🙂

Got another great practitioner to recommend as a Speaker at human resources, recruiting and leadership development events? Leave a Comment and tell me about them!


Unbridled Talent LLC is a consulting and advisory firm providing services to clients in the areas of people strategies, leadership development and career growth. Jennifer McClure offers keynotes, workshops and training that inspire and teach business leaders to be more effective in their careers and as leaders of their organization’s most valuable resource – people. Contact Us to schedule an event or to discuss our strategic consulting and advisory services.

Pieces of Me – March 29, 2013 Edition

Pulling Puzzle Pieces“Pieces of Me” is a regular feature here on the blog, where I’ll share a bit of what’s happening, what’s kicking around in my head, resources I’d like to bring to your attention and a peek into the world as I see it – through lenses colored by Human Resources, Recruiting, Leadership and Career Development.

Something awesome that happened:

Tuesday of this past week (March 26th) was my 5 year Twitter anniversary!

Way back in March 2011, I wrote about the value I had received from Twitter during the first three years in a post titled “Celebrating Twitter As A Business Communication Tool” – and I still feel very much the same today. For me, Twitter is the gift that keeps on giving!

According to Wikipedia, the appropriate gift for the 5 year milestone is Wood. But I still want a pony.

Something I learned:

Well, I re-learned this one.

Recruiting isn’t just about finding the most qualified person or finding someone who matches the skills and experience needed for the position. It’s also not just about finding someone who “fits” the company’s culture. Even if you source candidates who match all of those criteria, it still won’t work out if you haven’t considered the personality of the Boss and whether or not it’s a match for the potential New Hire.

Some employees like lots of direction – and some Bosses aren’t wired that way. Some employees like minimal direction and some Bosses want to be very involved. Neither style is necessarily wrong on either side of the equation and both sides can usually move a bit in each other’s direction, but it’s highly unlikely there will be a match made in Heaven if the Boss and the New Hire’s style of work aren’t a match.

Good recruiting is hard, yo. It’s about way more than just finding people.

Someone who made a difference:

Lance Haun is the wind beneath my blogging wings. Since I moved this blog to WordPress several years ago, he’s helped me with everything from “Oh my gosh, my website is down!” to “I don’t know how to add a badge to my site, can you help?”. This past week, I asked Lance if he could increase the font size on my website – because I couldn’t see my posts anymore with my eyes that I refuse to clothe in glasses. He’s a Champ like that.

But really, Lance is way more than someone who helps me with this website. He’s one of the original HR bloggers (along with Laurie Ruettimann and Kris Dunn) and I’ve learned so much from him over the last few years as he’s moved from HR practitioner, start-up geek, Community Manager and now the Editor-In-Chief at SourceCon.

Lance is awesome and I’m happy to call him a friend. He’s got a practical, no-nonsense approach to business, HR, recruiting – and occasionally politics and sports. That’s why he’ll always be Your HR Guy to me.

If you haven’t done so already, check out Lance’s blog, blog, blog, blog and follow him on Twitter.

A resource I’d like to share:

Mercer recently released their Talent Barometer Survey, which includes the results from their study of the talent practices of leading global organizations. You can download the 20 page Executive Summary for free at

The Talent Barometer Survey includes findings related to changes in Talent investments, characteristics of an effective Workforce Planning process, key takeaways related to how organizations are addressing the educational gap and the importance of Talent Reviews within an organization to enhance the availability and quality of Talent in the organization.



In November 2012, I was quoted in an article that appeared in the Los Angeles Times“Put Your Best Face Forward Using Digital Technology”. This article is probably the only place where you’ll find a quote from me related to how pimples may or may not affect the job search process.

I think the gist of what I was trying to say was “be yourself and put your best self out there in your job search”.

Or something that sounded way better.

Upcoming Goodness:

On April 11, 2013, I’ll be hosting the Sourcing and Recruiting Social Summit 2013 in Washington, DC.

I’m excited about channeling my inner Oprah while introducing some of the most knowledgeable and experienced Recruiting and Sourcing professionals in our industry. Who knows, everyone may just end up with a new car once the conference is over. “No dream is too wild, no surprise too impossible to pull off”!

If you want to learn from some of the best, join us in DC next month! Use the code JM100 when registering to receive $100 off the registration fee.

The World As I See It:

I’m not a huge Las Vegas Fan, but I seem to end up there 3 – 4 times a year for conferences and events. So I look for the pretty stuff and hold on to my money.

Bellagio lobby Chihuly glass sculpture

Chihuly Glass Sculpture – Bellagio – Las Vegas, NV


Paris Hotel & Casino – Las Vegas, NV


Bellagio Fountains – Las Vegas, NV


Unbridled Talent LLC is a consulting and advisory firm providing services to clients in the areas of recruiting & human resources strategy, employment branding and leadership/career development. We offer keynotes, workshops and training that inspire and teach business leaders to be more effective in their careers and as leaders of their organization’s most valuable resource – people. Contact us to schedule an event or to discuss our strategic consulting and advisory services.

Using Social Media In HR & Recruiting [SLIDESHARE]

Since signing up for a LinkedIn account in early 2006 (member #5,852,039 here), I’ve considered myself a “Social Media Anthropologist”, because I love to study how social media affects the entire employment process – from personal branding, job search, employment branding, recruiting, human resources and employee development.

During that time, I’ve sought out and followed many of the pioneers in our industry who are leading the way and companies who are implementing “best practices” – and I’ve utilized social media to expand my network, attract and recruit talent, communicate with employees and build my personal/business brand.

In the last 8 years, I’ve had the opportunity to share what I’ve learned (and what I’m learning) with business leaders at a variety of industry and corporate events, and I often share those presentations privately with my clients via my account.

Recently, I opened up several of my previous presentations for public access on Slideshare and I’d like to share one of my Using Social Media In HR & Recruiting presentations from 2012 with you here.

Since the world of social media is constantly changing, this presentation is constantly evolving and regularly updated. The latest version will be the basis for my upcoming pre-conference workshop at the 2013 Louisiana SHRM Conference in Baton Rouge on April 7, 2013. In this workshop, we’ll be digging deeper into developing a social media strategy, choosing tools, managing time and content, as well as “social” recruiting.

I’m looking forward to learning more and sharing more about how social media impacts the employment process in 2013!

Share Your Feedback:

I’d love to hear from you on the challenges you face with implementing a social media strategy in your organization. What do you want to learn more about? What’s new and exciting to you? Share with me in the comments and help me to make 2013’s presentations even better!


Unbridled Talent LLC is a consulting and advisory firm providing services to clients in the areas of recruiting & human resources strategy, employment branding and leadership/career development. We offer keynotes, workshops and training that inspire and teach business leaders to be more effective in their careers and as leaders of their organization’s most valuable resource – people. Contact us to schedule an event or to discuss our strategic consulting and advisory services. 

Using Social Media to Screen Job Applicants – Yes or No?

Whether or not it’s ok to utilize social media profiles and/or a person’s social media activity during the applicant screening process is a question that often comes up when talking with HR pros or recruiters about using social media at work.

As usual, I’ve got some opinions about that question, and I recently was asked to share them on the Intuit Small Business blog by writer Kevin Casey. The short scoop is, I’m not a Fan of it.

Find out why by checking out the full interview on the Intuit blog – “Why It’s a Bad Idea to Check a Job Applicant’s Facebook Profile”.

So what do you think?

To Google or not to Google? That is the question. Leave a comment and let me know your thoughts. I’d love to hear your opinion as well!

For more great reading on this subject, check out one of the most popular posts on by my friend Laurie Ruettimann“Don’t Facebook Me: Why You Shouldn’t Google During the Recruiting Process”.