Communicate Like An Executive To Get Your Ideas Heard

Do you want to be a leader who gets noticed by the C-suite, and is known as someone who can add value to any strategic conversation? Then you must learn to communicate like an executive – whether you hold an executive title, or not.

In order to be heard; in order to present effective business cases; in order to get approval to make the changes you want to make; you must be able to communicate in a way that executives can relate to, and understand.

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Effective Presentation & Communications Skills for Business Leaders [slideshare]

Today, I’m sharing the slide deck from two recently completed workshops delivered for groups of senior executives who work for one of my corporate clients – Effective Presentation & Communications Skills for Business Leaders.

Why is there a need for this type of program?

Effective communication and presentation skills are must-haves for Top Business Leaders and Executives in order to establish executive presence, build influence, gain buy-in and help their businesses to grow.

The good news is that these skills can be learned!

I always enjoy working with Leaders who want to develop and improve – and I hope you find some helpful tips to facilitate your own growth and development as a Leader in your organization.

What communication/presentation tips and tricks can you recommend? Share them as a Comment!


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