The Future Of Work Looks Cognitive

Yes. The Robots Are Coming.

I was honored to be the first guest on the new IBM Trends In Talent Management podcast this week!

In the quick, 12-minute conversation, we discussed how machine learning, artificial intelligence/AI, and cognitive will affect human resources, talent acquisition, and talent management in the future.

You can read a short summary of our discussion here on the IBM Smarter Workforce blog, and listen to the interview by clicking the link below, or playing the short video. 

Trends in Talent Management | Episode 1: Trends and Future of HR

Do I think you’re going to be replaced by a robot?

Yes. And no.

The best use of these technologies and systems will be as trusted advisors, and “wise friends” to smart humans who will utilize the information that they provide to make better, and more strategic business decisions.

Good news for you – if you’re smart, can analyze and interpret data, and make decisions.

The robots will need you in their revolution. 🙂

IBM’s new Trends In Talent Management podcast series will feature interviews with HR leaders and influencers, and will continue to dive deep into the latest trends, most urgent issues, and most intriguing developments on the horizon in the world of talent management.

Follow the IBM Smarter Workforce blog, or the IBM Smarter Workforce YouTube channel to stay informed!

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