My Fascination Advantage® Is The Veiled Strength – What’s Yours? [free assessment]

Do you know what makes you fascinating? What draws people to you and differentiates you from others in your profession or industry?

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[Want to know how you “fascinate” the world? Read to the bottom of this post and get your code to take a free assessment!]

As a self-proclaimed “Assessment Junkie”, I love the idea of answering a few questions, and within just a few minutes, being presented with a multi-page report that gives me all of the answers I’ve ever wanted to know about myself.

Well, not exactly.

But I do enjoy taking assessments to find new and different ways to understand how I best communicate with the world and where I can add the most value.

That’s why I was intrigued when I first heard Sally Hogshead talk about her new book and the research behind How the World Sees You: Discover Your Highest Value Through the Science of Fascination on a recent podcast with Brian Kelly called What The Speak.

Since I’m currently doing some work to clarify my brand and product/service offerings, I bought Sally’s book and read it over the July 4th holiday weekend. I also took the related Fascination Advantage® Assessment, which is billed as the first personality assessment developed based upon the science of branding, rather than psychology. Unlike traditional tests (Meyers-Briggs or StrengthsFinder) this assessment doesn’t measure how you see the world, it measures how the world sees you.


So I took the assessment and was intrigued by the results. I like the detail in the 16-page report, the information shared about all 49 Archetypes, and the explanatory videos that were included as part of the assessment results.

By the way, my Archetype is called “The Veiled Strength” and below is a snapshot of my primary, secondary and dormant advantages, as well as 3 words that others might use to describe me.

Pretty interesting stuff.

At A Glance Fascination Advantage


Want to understand more about how others see you and how you can discover your highest value?


I’ve got a free code for the 5-minute assessment (normally $37) for the first 100 (update: now 500) people that use it. Just go to and enter [BL-jmcclure] minus the brackets in the Book Code box.

After you’ve had a chance to review your report and take it all in, please take a moment to briefly share your Archetype and what you think about your results with me in the Comments section. I’d love to hear from at least one person for each Archetype!

If you’re interested in learning more about the Fascination Advantage® and how you can create your own Anthem using the information, share it with your clients and colleagues and even use it to improve the work of your team, be sure to get Sally Hogshead’s new book How the World Sees You: Discover Your Highest Value Through the Science of Fascination.

I really enjoyed it, and I think you will too!

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Jennifer McClure is a Keynote Speaker, Talent Strategies Expert and Executive Coach who works with clients and companies in the areas of leadership development, communication and talent strategy. Jennifer McClure offers keynotes, workshops and training that inspire and empower business leaders to be more effective in their careers and as leaders of their organization’s most valuable resource – people.

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16 thoughts on “My Fascination Advantage® Is The Veiled Strength – What’s Yours? [free assessment]

  1. Archetype: The Trendsetter. How the world sees me: 1. Cutting-edge 2. Elite 3. Progressive.

    Thanks Jennifer. Interesting (dare I say fascinating?) assessment. I can relate to the innovation aspect but I was a bit surprised by the elite/prestige element. I might be misinterpreting it as “elitist” instead of just elite, which doesn’t convey a positive connotation. At any rate, this is valuable for soliciting feedback – always helpful for folks to have something to respond to vs blank sheet of paper.

    Was even more impressed by the brilliant strategy for growing users rapidly exponentially. Who wouldn’t share this with 100 friends using the free code, exploding the new user base with minimal investment. Thanks again for sharing the free code!

    • Thanks for sharing your Archetype Todd!

      I can see your point with the Elite/Prestige element, since most of us want to be humble and not want to come across as arrogant or boastful in any way. However, since this assessment evaluates how others see you, I can also see how communicating in that way conveys quality and authority – which are great things.

      The marketing strategy for the book, assessments and programs for How The World Sees You is definitely a good case study in how to do it right. New website, lots of social media push, building early advocates by sharing something of value for free, etc. It obviously worked with me since I immediate bought the book! 🙂

  2. My Archetype is the Authentic. My Primary Advantage is I’m approachable. My Secondary Advantage is Passion. Three words to describe me are: approachable, dependable, and trustworthy. I’m expressive, intuitive, and engaging. At my highest level I deliver Approachable Engagement.

    I love assessments too. This was very interesting…and insightful.

    • Thanks for taking the assessment and sharing your results Ann! Having met you and interacted with you for a few years, I can definitely see your Archetype in action. I think it’s pretty accurate!

  3. I’m a Quick-Start, and the three words are prolific, thorough, and diligent. Primary is Innovation, and secondary is Alert. It makes sense, as I want to get things going (preferably in new and different ways), and pay attention to the details every step of the way. I read the report with great interest, and found no significant places to argue. I think it’s me – right down to “sometimes irreverent.”

    The biggest value to me was the Dormant Advantage. It made sense to look through this lens to see why I am not comfortable in certain situations. It’s always good to understand that I should delegate some of those situations to different types of people.

    Thanks for introducing us to this tool.

  4. Advantage came out as Power and Prestige. Comes out as The Maestro

    You provide influential leadership that improves performance and results.
    You have very high standards for yourself, and your co-workers.
    With a primary Power Advantage, you have strong opinions. Your secondary Prestige Advantage means you have and set high expectations.
    While other Archetypes may become complacent (or stuck) in a job, you rarely get into a rut. You have the Type-A determination necessary to push through tough challenges.
    I got to see Sally live at the National Speakers Association Convention in San Diego July 2.

    • Thanks for taking the assessment and sharing your results Daniel!

      I’d love to see Sally Hogshead speak in person some day as well – and hopefully attend the NSA Convention in DC next year!

  5. My archetype came back as Evolutionary, with Trust being primary and Innovative being secondary. My dormant advantage was passion, which shocked me because I am very passionate about my work. But when I read through the report, I realize it’s true – I prefer to persuade with facts and logic and really struggle with too much drama around me (and yes, I find it totally draining). So this was well, fascinating (couldn’t resist!), and very insightful. I love taking assessments, too, so this was really interesting! Thanks!

    • I had some similar thoughts when the assessment results showed that my dormant advantage is innovation, but after giving it some thought, it does make sense. I’m much better at working with Innovators to help move their ideas forward.

      Thanks for sharing your results Jodi!

  6. Archetype: Royal Guard. Elegant > Astute > Discreet > Particular > Measured

    Fascination Advantages: 1. Mystique, 2. Prestige

    I’ve been involved in facilitating as well as partaking in various personality tests lately and was intrigued by this one as well. Interesting to see how they all line up. Thanks!

  7. My archetype is The Victor.
    Primary advantage: Prestige
    Secondary advantage: Power (tied also with Mystique – I am curious as to why it valued Power higher)

    Keywords: Respected, Competitive, Results Oriented

    It’s an interesting result for me. I am hopeful that people respect me for not only the skills that I have but the manner in which I apply them. While I want to succeed, I do not think of myself as competitive to any great degree. I am very results oriented. I know that I am a person people naturally follow and I am able to confidently present my thoughts and opinions in front of groups of any size.

    If you add in the 3 words for Mystique that were not included (Independent, Logical, Observant), I would say that this assessment has captured my traits perfectly.

    Jennifer, thanks for sharing this with us!

  8. Hi Jennifer,
    This was great! Thanks for sharing!

    Archetype: Editor in Chief
    Primary Advantage 1: Alert
    Primary Advantage 2: Detailed
    How the world sees me:
    1. Productive
    2. Skilled
    3. Detailed

  9. Hi Jennifer! Thanks for the free report. I have done a bunch of assessments such as Strengthfinders and DISC, but never this one.

    I am The Connoisseur with primary advantage of Prestige and secondary as Passion.
    Apparently I don’t have much mystique! haha!

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