Pieces Of Me – March 22, 2013 Edition

Pulling Puzzle Pieces“Pieces of Me” is a (new) regular feature here on the blog, where I’ll share a bit of what’s happening, what’s kicking around in my head, resources I’d like to bring to your attention and a peek into the world as I see it – through lenses colored by Human Resources, Recruiting, Leadership and Career Development.

Something awesome that happened:

You’ve probably heard of the Harlem Shake meme by now. You’re probably over it. I get it. Not every internet meme can match the awesomeness of Grumpy Cat. But what if you capitalized on an opportunity like the catchy (and easy) Harlem Shake craze to add a little levity and team spirit in the workplace? One of my clients recently challenged their employees to participate in a “Harlem Shake Off” competition. No rules. Just a suggestion to have fun, share and vote on their favorites. Sixteen different teams/departments/locations submitted videos! All of them were creative, fun and HILARIOUS. It was great to see employees at all levels engaging in a bit of silliness and fun. I LOL’d more than once.

People Leader Pro Tip: Some of the quietest/most subdued folks in your organization are just waiting to let their inner crazy out. Channel that for good!

Something I learned:

Some client work I’ve been engaged in recently has reminded me that while we like to talk about what’s new/what’s next in the recruiting industry (Can I get a mobile strategy, talent community or big data initiative anyone?), a vast majority of small businesses – and even many larger businesses just aren’t there yet from a systems, processes and/or budget perspective. And that’s ok.

Data is useful only if used. As HR and Recruiting leaders, we must make sure that we’re gathering data, analyzing it and making recommendations/decisions based upon what it tells us. If your organization isn’t effectively doing that, then a new software system or social recruiting strategy isn’t the place to start.

Someone who made a difference:

My friend and mentor – Steve Browne, Executive Director of Human Resources at LaRosa’s, Inc. – shared a Manifesto of sorts earlier this week on his blog Everyday People. Steve’s personal mission is to connect every single HR person on the planet and the post, entitled “HR Evangelism !!”, is a call for intentional connection among the HR community.

I’m honored to know Steve as a human and as an HR/business leader making a difference. Read his post. Connect with him. He’s an intentional connector – and he’s all kinds of awesome.

A resource I’d like to share:

LinkedIn recently released the “LinkedIn Employer Brand Playbook: 5 Steps To Crafting a Highly Social Talent Brand”. The ebook is full of useful facts and figures obtained through analyzing the vast amount of data available on LinkedIn and includes tips on how to get executive buy-in, a checklist to audit your Talent Brand materials and a plan for setting goals and measuring results.

It’s good stuff. It’s free. Get your learn on and download it here.


Last week, I attended the Ultimate Connections Conference in Las Vegas, where I had the opportunity to lead a session on “Moving From HR Leader to Business Leader” and also enjoyed the chance to learn during many of the engaging keynotes and breakout sessions.

The conference was fantastic, and I shared some of my takeaways related to one session in particular led by Lisa Sterling, Head of People Engagement at Ultimate Software in a blog post over on the Ultimate Software blog – Live from #UltiConnect 2013: 4 Ways Today’s Business Leaders Can Embrace Millennials. I’d love for you to check it out. And hug a Millennial today – in a totally business appropriate way, of course.

Upcoming Goodness:

  1. I’m excited about being one of the keynote speakers at the upcoming 2013 Louisiana SHRM Conference in Baton Rouge, Louisiana April 7 – 9, 2013! This conference will be the first opportunity for me to deliver one of my new keynotes for 2013 – “The Future of HR: Delivering Competitive Advantage In Your Organization”. I’ll also be leading a pre-conference 1/2 day workshop on “Using Social Media In HR & Recruiting”. If you’re in, near or can get to #LASHRM13, join us! Robin Schooling and the conference team have done a great job of planning a fantastic learning and connecting opportunity!
  2. The latest edition of my free newsletter will be coming out next week. If you haven’t subscribed yet, today’s you’re lucky day! You can subscribe here. I respect your privacy and your inbox space, so my goal is to make it a worthwhile resource for you!

The World As I See It:

Punxsutawney Phil may be in the process of being prosecuted by my fair city of Cincinnati for “misrepresentation of Spring”, but we did manage a warm, 65-degree day recently, which allowed me and my favorite horse to play outside without coats.

Spring, we’re ready. Bring it!



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