What Do CEO’s Expect From Strategic HR Leaders?

Recently, Human Resource Executive Online (a great publication worth reading) republished a interesting checklist from Bloomberg Businessweek listing “What CEO’s Expect from CHRO’s”.

I’m kinda in love with this list, so if you’re HR, (even without the lofty title of CHRO), check it out. Ensuring that you’re focusing your time, energy and efforts on these activities is a great way to position yourself within your organization as an HR/Business Leader.

What CEO’s Expect From CHRO’s

  • Collaborating to design and communicate a Vision for the company.
  • Building a pipeline of qualified, energized people to fuel the company?s growth.
  • Selling the company to the “talent population”, in person, via traditional media and online.
  • Reinforcing a culture that emphasizes ingenuity over irrelevant, one-size-fits-all metrics.
  • Teaching all employees, starting with the CEO, to tell the truth at work.
  • Shifting the HR function away from a break/fix model to an embedded function in every business segment.
  • Installing just enough HR process to meet the company’s regulatory compliance needs but not so much that people are stymied or infantilized.
  • Building a culture of collaboration that fuels every important program at the company.
  • Asking team members every day for input on business activities, their own careers, and life in general — not via a sterile, once-a-year employee engagement survey.

Source: Bloomberg Businessweek
September 19, 2012

What would you add to this list?

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6 thoughts on “What Do CEO’s Expect From Strategic HR Leaders?

  1. From the list it’s obvious CEOs are looking to HR to foster collaboration across the organization (bye-bye silos) and to help articulate the vision and culture. I hope CEOs recognize the importance of executives supporting HR in achieving the above, reinforcing it through their own actions and communications.

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  3. Building a pipeline, Reinforcing a culture and other comments like like seem to fall short. The main focus is to be valuable to the company, like any other position. I want to see expansion on those ideas or a few examples. It’s a great list to give you a rough overview about the responsibilities of HR leaders.

  4. Very clearly. They want business partners. They want to be able to be hands off if they can be and have HR to help foster that culture.

  5. This is a great list, Jennifer! I’m excited about it as well. It dances around the word “communication,” though, which is perhaps implied under “collaboration.” Important to add is that the HR leader should make it a point to reach out to disengaged employees, though it may seem like a daunting and uncomfortable task. Identifying and working with employees that seem to be losing interest in their position or company is a crucial act of communication that might round out this list.

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