LinkedIn Is King In Social Recruiting, But Facebook & Twitter Also Important

The folks at Bullhorn Reach recently took the time to summarize the social media actual activity of recruiters and job seekers in the Bullhorn Reach user network in 2011 (over 35,000 recruiters) across the “big 3” social recruiting platforms – LinkedIn, Facebook & Twitter. The results, while not surprising, are certainly interesting.

A few interesting findings included in the report include:

  • Recruiters are connected to all three social networks, but are using LinkedIn and Twitter much more than Facebook to recruit talent.
  • LinkedIn is driving the most views and applications per job posted on the three networks.
  • Twitter followers are much more likely to apply for a job than connections on LinkedIn or friends on Facebook.
  • 21% of recruiters are connected to all 3 of the “big 3” social networks, but 48% use LinkedIn exclusively.
  • Agency and corporate recruiters exhibit slightly different connecting and social recruiting strategies across the networks.
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I’d recommend taking a few minutes to review the entire report, but for those of you with a short attention span (like me), Bullhorn summarized some of the results in a handy Infographic as well.

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7 thoughts on “LinkedIn Is King In Social Recruiting, But Facebook & Twitter Also Important

  1. But this is only part of the story….

    50% of all jobs are actually found by job seekers via networking. And in the networking world, 1 in 6 are found via social media, and LinkedIn is actually last. Facebook + Twitter hold the lead when it comes to leveraging your existing relationships for a connection at a company.

    We at believe that Facebook’s graph will ultimately win this battle, because that’s where people’s relationships are the deepest and broadest. So long as they can figure out a way to properly silo information (so that personal information stays private, and professional information is shared much in the way LinkedIn does it), they’ll win. With the number of startups going after the space, and built on top of Facebook, it’s hard to ignore that trend!

    (Networking Stats Source: )

    (Social Media Job Seeking Source: )

    • Thanks for sharing a different perspective Philip! Networking will always be the key to finding job opportunities and savvy job seekers and recruiters are figuring out how to utilize the tools that they feel most comfortable with today to enhance their networking efforts – and also getting more comfortable with using some of the others. Today, I think most business professionals still feel most comfortable using Linkedin for networking, job search, recruiting, etc. but with the sheer popularity of Facebook among global users, I do think we’ll see it beginning to grow (and it already is) as a job and recruiting source.

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  3. I appreciate the post. I know the water is wet but on my end of things sometimes it’s not always easy to know HOW wet. This is good information to pass onto job seekers and we can use it to assist our graduates in knowing how and where to best connect to those who are hiring.

    Thanks Jennifer.

    • Thanks for the comment Juliane and I’m glad you found the information shared in the report to be helpful! I’m also excited to hear that your be passing this info along to job seekers and students. Understanding how recruiters use social media for recruiting is increasingly important for today’s job seeker and those who seek to understand it will likely land faster than many who do not.

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