Personal Branding For Career Growth & Success [Presentation]

Last week, I once again had the privilege of speaking to a group of over 50 women who have been selected for the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber’s WE Lead Program. This was the 3rd year in a row that I’ve had the opportunity to share with the participants in this 10 month leadership development program about the importance of Personal Branding in today’s competitive employment environment.

It’s always a pleasure to spend time with highly talented women with such high potential and I really enjoy the conversation and feedback that happens as a result!

In my “Personal Branding for Career Success” session, the participants are initially asked to write a few words or statements describing what they believe their Personal Brand is today, as well as what they’d like for it to be (assuming that is different). Then, we work as a group to get that message into a a succinct Personal Brand Statement for each individual that they can utilize as a base for building a strong online presence, focusing their career activities and even prioritizing and identifying ways to get noticed within and outside of work.

I’ve included the presentation deck from last week’s presentation below.

Personally, I’m a bit over the term “personal branding”, but I do still see tremendous value in the concepts of understanding who you are and being able to communicate your value, as well as to articulate what differentiates you from others in your field. Clearly, many of the participants did as well, as evidenced by some of their comments:
“This was a fascinating topic. Hadn’t thought a lot about doing personal branding, but see how it fits with career and work. She was very organized with presentation, handouts, small group activity and content was great.”
“Excellent, but I left feeling somewhat inadequate. Time to get to work!”
“Helped to spend some time reworking my personal brand statement. She knows her stuff.”
“So helpful! Lots of steps to take to claim my brand.”
“People do have a perception of me. I need to take control of that.”
“Branding session impressed on me the importance of keeping social media tools updated.”
“Thanks so much for sharing your expertise with our WE Lead class yesterday! Your presentation is always one of the best-received of the entire program and that was true again this year. Clearly the information you share resonates with the group and it motivates them to take action. Please know how much we appreciate your contribution to WE Lead and hope you take pride in the lasting impact you are making for these women. – Diana Long, Program Manager Women Excel
What’s your take on the topic of Personal Branding? Love it? Hate it? Think it’s more important than ever to have one?

2012 Winona Area SHRM Annual Conference – I’ll Be There!

A few months ago, when it was still warm outside, Winona Area SHRM Marketing & PR Coordinator William Gould contacted me about the possibility of coming to Winona, Minnesota to be the keynote speaker for their annual conference on March 13th. After several assurances from William that it will likely be warm cold in Minnesota in March, I decided to unpack my parka and enthusiastically signed up to lead two workshops at the conference – where the theme will be “It’s All Social… Media, That Is”!

The two workshops I’ll be leading will include:

“Why Social Media Matters to Your Business”

We’ll address how social media is being utilized successfully by businesses of all sizes and industries for marketing products and services, connecting with customers, recruiting talent and building relationships. We’ll also discuss the importance of creating a social media strategy, preparing for potential negative interactions, tracking success and choosing which tools are right for your business.

“Using Social Media in HR & Recruiting”

In this session, we’ll cover how successful HR pros just like you are using social media to develop professionally and grow their careers – without breaking any rules. We’ll also review examples of how companies and organizations of all sizes and industries are using social media to positively impact the critical talent strategies within their organizations.

Bonus: Pre-conference complimentary webinar led by Paul DeBettignies, VP of Recruiting at HireCast Consulting and Co-Founder of the Minnesota Recruiters Association along with Josh Rock, the Minnesota SHRM State Conference Co-Director and Account Executive at JobDig Media/ Paul and Josh will introduce attendees to the popular social media tools and provide hands-on instruction on the social media basics.

I’m very excited about speaking at this conference in the next few weeks and if you’ll be in or around Winona, Minnesota on March 13th, sign up to join us!

Want more details about the conference? It’s all here -> Winona SHRM Conference 2012 Flyer

Oh, I also did a shoutout video from the radioactive laboratory that is my office. What else could explain the radiant glow on my face? (Ummm, bad lighting!)

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LinkedIn Is King In Social Recruiting, But Facebook & Twitter Also Important

The folks at Bullhorn Reach recently took the time to summarize the social media actual activity of recruiters and job seekers in the Bullhorn Reach user network in 2011 (over 35,000 recruiters) across the “big 3” social recruiting platforms – LinkedIn, Facebook & Twitter. The results, while not surprising, are certainly interesting.

A few interesting findings included in the report include:

  • Recruiters are connected to all three social networks, but are using LinkedIn and Twitter much more than Facebook to recruit talent.
  • LinkedIn is driving the most views and applications per job posted on the three networks.
  • Twitter followers are much more likely to apply for a job than connections on LinkedIn or friends on Facebook.
  • 21% of recruiters are connected to all 3 of the “big 3” social networks, but 48% use LinkedIn exclusively.
  • Agency and corporate recruiters exhibit slightly different connecting and social recruiting strategies across the networks.
View more documents from Bullhorn Reach
I’d recommend taking a few minutes to review the entire report, but for those of you with a short attention span (like me), Bullhorn summarized some of the results in a handy Infographic as well.