8 Free Human Resources & Recruiting eBooks

I’ve described myself in the past as a consistently curious consumer of information related to all things human resources, recruiting, leadership development and social media. I love to learn. And I love free stuff too.

What do you get if you combine all of those things? Free eBooks!

Unfortunately, to access many eBooks, I’m required to share my contact information and typically receive a contact from a salesperson as a result. If the eBook is promising enough, I’ll do that, because I appreciate the time and effort required to put one together. However, there are plenty of great eBooks out there that are shared with no strings attached and I thought I’d share few of my recent favorites with you!

To download a free copy of each of the eBooks below – just click on the image to access the PDF link. No registration or additional steps required!

Four eBooks from UpstartHR blogger – Ben Eubanks

Ben Eubanks – HR Pro by day, HR blogger by night, Co-Founder of HRevolution, Social Media Director of the North Alabama SHRM Chapter (and Father of recently born twins) – is quite the industrious HR professional! In addition to writing regularly on his own HR blog and the blog for his local SHRM chapter – Rocket HR, Ben regularly produces eBooks for HR pros and invites some of the smartest people in the business to share their advice and experiences. Below are only four of Ben’s recent eBooks. There’s more free stuff available on his site at Upstart HR/Freebies – including a free PHR Study Series eBook!





























One eBook from ReThinkHR.org blogger Benjamin McCall

Another Ben – Benjamin McCall – Leadership Performance Consultant at Standard Register – is prolific writer on his blog ReThinkHR.org and also a regular contributor to the Greater Cincinnati Human Resources Association blog. He recently published a Learning & Development eBook, which includes contributions from several HR and Leadership development professionals.

Two eBooks from Chris Ferdinandi – blogger at Renegade HR & Go Make Things

Here’s a couple of great eBooks by long-time blogger & writer – Chris Ferdinandi – Employee Development & Social Media Specialist at EMC Corporation. One includes ideas from 21 of HR’s leading thinkers and doers on how to be a better HR pro in 2011 and the other is a summary of one of his presentations at the University of Rhode Island on Employment Branding. Good stuff!















Chris has also written a short book that is a step-by-step guide to recruiting and employer branding called “Culture Convo“. Check out how you can purchase a PDF or paperback copy here or you can sign up to read it free via email.

One eBook from EMC Corporation

Finally, while this one is over a year old, it’s a great resource for Job Seekers, Recruiters and Human Resources professionals. This eBook, compiled by the folks at EMC Corporation (which also happens to be Chris Ferdinandi’s employer), features 100 Job Search Tips From Fortune 500 Recruiters. The book is meant to inspire, motivate, provide insights and identify traps. It also includes a list of job search resources and social media sites.








Your Recommendations?

I know there are plenty of other eBooks and free resources out there that you may be aware of – or maybe you’ve written one. Share your recommendations in the Comments!

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  1. Hey, Jennifer! I really appreciate the shout out. It’s so much fun getting to know people like yourself and I would do it all over again if it meant I got to spend the fun times at SHRM10 with you again. Thanks for getting the cab. 🙂

    • Ben – I’m so glad I’ve gotten to know you while you were just getting started in your career! Thanks for all of the information you’ve shared, the ideas you executed upon and the connections you’ve helped to make. You are truly an HR Rockstar (in the best sense of that word)! 🙂

  2. Wow Jennifer – Three shout-outs (and a big-up to EMC)? You rock, and thanks for all the love today!

    PS: I can tell you’re a Mac user because of how the screenshots on the ebooks look – funny, huh?

    – Chris

    • Thanks for creating some great content Chris! I have much to learn from you and the folks at EMC. Your blogging and writing style is great and I appreciate you sharing so much with our community.

      And I guess I’ve been officially outed as a Mac user!

      • No shame in it! I just got my first Mac six months ago after a fantastic experience with the iPhone. Wouldn’t look back!

  3. Ben, Benjamin, Chris and EMC Corporation

    Thank you all for all the wealth of information you have shared.All the best!

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