Making Social Media Work in Recruiting – FREE Webinar 3/30/11

March appears to be the month of the FREE webinar here at Unbridled Talent and I’d like to make you aware of another opportunity to listen in!

The March 30th webinar  – Making Social Media Work in Recruiting – is sponsored by Recruiting Trends® and is part of their Best Practice Webinar Series 2011.

I’m excited to be a co-presenter along with the lovely and talented Carmen Hudson – Engagement Manager, Sourcing & Social Media Strategy at Recruiting Toolbox and CEO/Founder of Carmen is someone that I have learned from and admired through her experiences in Recruiting and Sourcing at Yahoo!, Starbucks and now Recruiting Toolbox and she has also been an inspiration to me as a female entrepreneur – founding tweetajob in 2009.

There should be plenty of time for Q&A as part of this webinar, so please join us, ask a question and contribute to the conversation! Webinar details and Carmen’s bio from the Recruiting Trends® website are listed below.

Join us on Wednesday, March 30 1 PM – 2 PM EDT for this insightful webinar

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As a recruiter, you’re all about finding the right person for the right job at the right time and the quality of your talent pipeline is what makes you successful!

You depend on access to several mediums to find the best candidates, and for many this includes social media.

But how do you decide which of the many social media platforms and sites are right for you and your organization? And how do you stay current?

Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube to name a few are all great resources for sourcing and recruiting. Each platform has its own unique demographic and you’ll want to consider each audience when making the decision as to which application(s) will give you the best results in your sourcing and recruiting efforts.

Join Carmen Hudson Engagement Manager, Sourcing and Social Media Strategy at Recruiting Toolbox and Jennifer McClure President of Unbridled Talent as they share with you some of the most common considerations and elements when using social media to recruit top talent.

During this 60 min event they will address:

  • How to Create an Online Presence – Reflecting Who You Are
  • How to Make the Most of Your ‘Social’ Time
  • Why it is important to Individualize Your Approach
  • The importance of staying Authentic
  • And much more

You will receive expert advice on proven success and failures using today’s Social Media platforms!

Register now to listen to this insightful fast-paced webinar, yours to enjoy at no cost.


Carmen Hudson, Engagement Manager – Sourcing and Social Media Strategy

Carmen Hudson draws from over 15 years of recruiting experience, with a strong focus on helping organizations attract, source and recruit top talent. Carmen’s expertise is in helping clients build the right sourcing and recruiting strategies, and then implementing them in the real world of limited budgets, competing priorities, and highly competitive recruiting environments. She consults and trains companies to help them leverage high ROI solutions for big sourcing, social media, and technology implementation initiatives.

Carmen is a self-described “recruiting geek” who has spent years learning, creating, and sharing best practices around sourcing. She gets that technology – for all of its hype – is still a means to an end, not an end in itself. Her corporate experience includes Yahoo!, where she was Senior Manager, Talent Acquisition. At Yahoo! she led the strategic sourcing team, revitalizing the employee referral program and Yahoo’s employer brand. The team was awarded a coveted Yahoo! Superstar Award, an ERE Excellence award and various recruiting and advertising industry awards. Prior to joining Yahoo!, she was manager, Global Strategic Sourcing for Starbucks Coffee Corporation, where she developed sourcing strategies and recommended resources and tactics to support U.S. retail management hiring. She has also held senior talent acquisition roles at Microsoft, and Capital One and founded a social recruiting technology company.

Carmen is a regular contributor to recruiting industry publications, including ERE Exchange and Recruiting Trends. She is a frequent speaker at recruiting events, including the Social Recruiting Summit, Kennedy Online Recruiting Conference and the Seattle Staffing Management Association.  Carmen earned a degree in journalism from Northwestern University.

Carmen Hudson on LinkedIn
Carmen on Twitter: @peopleshark

Social Recruiting Spotlight: Stacy Van Meter & Deluxe Corporation

This week, I’ll be attending the ERE Spring 2011 Expo in San Diego, California and I’m looking forward to learning from recruiting leaders from many of the world’s top companies and those who are leading the way in terms of recruiting innovation. One of the recruiting leaders who’ll be speaking at the conference this year is Stacy Van Meter, Social Media & Talent Community Manager at Deluxe Corporation. Recently, I had the opportunity to speak with Stacy briefly about her role at Deluxe Corporation, their successes with social recruiting and a bit of what she’ll be talking about during her session at ERE.

Be sure to make it all of the way to the end of this post, where you’ll find links to be able to view Stacy’s presentation via the ERE Live Stream, a copy of her slides and one of my favorite recruiting/employment branding/candidate engagement videos of all time!


Tell me a about Deluxe Corporation and your role as a Social Media & Talent Community Manager

Deluxe Corporation is a 100-year-old business that has locations throughout the US and Canada, employs just over 5000 people and hires about 1200 people each year. Over the last year, we’ve been in an enormous state of transformation. Deluxe has always been known as a check printing company, but we’ve changed business models and are now a company that provides marketing services for small business. This has been a huge change for us in a very short period of time.

A year ago when I was hired, I’m not sure that they were entirely sure what it meant to have a Social Media & Talent Community Manager, but they did know that Deluxe needed a recruiting presence online. So this last year has really been about building a foundation in terms of avenues of engagement – Facebook, Twitter, a blog and a little bit of internal work with Brand Ambassadors.

We’ve been setting up avenues for people to change the perception of Deluxe from a branding standpoint because we’re no longer “that check printing company”. We need to draw in digital talent and before our social media efforts, there was no way that type of talent would even know about us. Five years ago, our top hired for jobs were positions like Press Operator. Today, our top hires are all in the digital realm – web campaign managers, email marketing managers, digital leaders, community managers, social media managers, etc.

How did you find your way into this role with Deluxe?

Early in the mid-90’s I worked for United Healthcare and I built a business plan to create one of the very first products for healthcare consumers to be able to converse with a nurse counselor online. After completing that project, I ended up going out on my own and doing some consulting from a “new media” perspective. What I found was that when I was talking with clients about how to create a web presence, they were asking me how to go about hiring “new media” types who think and act differently. As a result, my business transformed into consulting with companies on how to hire and keep “new media” professionals. So I guess I sort of fell into HR & recruiting.

When I saw the Deluxe Talent Community Manager job description, I knew it was the job for me! It’s the perfect intersection of a business background, internet, marketing, platform development and experience in Human Resources. I could not be at a better place. I go to bed every day excited about what I do and I wake up every day excited about what I do.

So what exactly does a Social Media & Talent Community Manager do?

My role is transforming. I’m doing a ton of research on where the potential is within HR and marketing. If you look at HR, Marketing, PR and customer service and then throw social media into the mix, at some point there’s an intersection of what’s going on there – and it’s all about the customers. I believe that one of the very first things that we in HR should do is to stop calling job seekers “candidates” – and start calling them “customers”. We also need to change our mindset about who they are and what they bring to us in the hiring process.

We’re working really hard to make the change to the customer mindset at Deluxe. I look at my role as impacting both the brand and our customers – internal and external. Over the last year, we’ve probably done a little more broadcasting using social media than what we ultimately want to do, but we’ve been getting into the consideration space of the talent we need to recruit, teaching people about our brand, drawing them in and getting them excited about us. We’ve been moving people down the conversion funnel – and ultimately, we’re hiring them. The next phase is after we’ve hired them, to start immediately thinking about them as Brand Ambassadors who need to be trained and equipped to become evangelists of our organization. We’re doing lots of work internally to make that next phase happen right now.

What social media tools do you use in your recruiting process?

We’re on Facebook and Twitter and we also have a blog, a YouTube channel and a LinkedIn Careers Page. We also use a couple of LinkedIn Recruiter seats for direct sourcing on LinkedIn.

Deluxe Corporation on Facebook | Deluxe Careers on Facebook | Deluxe Corp on Twitter | Jobs at Deluxe on Twitter | Deluxe Talent Community Blog | Deluxe Jobs Careers Site | Deluxe YouTube Channel

We’ve been having some great success with our videos on YouTube. We’re sending out Flipcams to our remote sites and asking hiring managers to talk about their opportunities and the location. One of my recent favorites is a video that was created for a Plant Manager opening in Streetsboro, Ohio. The short video includes an interview with another Site Leader, the HR Manager and a tour of the plant, break room and the office where the person would sit. People who are coming in to interview for the position are saying that it’s great! They really like being able to see where they would be working and some of the people they’d be working with.

How many people are involved in Deluxe’s social recruiting efforts?

We’re a pretty lean group. In addition to myself, we hired an intern this past summer to do presence management and build out our online sites. We’ve just moved him into a full-time digital marketing specialist role and we’ve also hired a full-time Sourcer.

We’re really looking for a lot of engagement online and we spend quite a bit of time routing people to the right place, giving recommendations or feedback, answering questions etc. on Facebook and Twitter. Our customers really seem to appreciate it and those who engage with us via social media do get a little extra edge. We make sure that they get right in front of the recruiter.

How are you tracking results related to your social media efforts?

In the last quarter of 2010, 50% of our hires came from our Talent Community – which has grown considerably over the last year. We had 3,500 members in our Talent Community on January 1, 2010 and as of January 2011, we have over 134,000 members.

Our Talent Community is “opt-in” and we’ve found that some people join, but don’t apply for a job at Deluxe right away. They may have heard about us and just want to see what’s going on here, or be within our email marketing system. The nice thing for us is that we can segment the people within our Talent Community. I cut and categorize those 134,000 people into groups by job categories or people that come from companies that we know we want to recruit from. We many not have an opportunity for them right now, but down the line, we’ll be able to put together a marketing campaign for those folks when we do.

What will you be talking about during your session at the ERE Spring 2011 Expo?

One of the things I’ll be talking about is what I call a Web Campaign. When we have a hard-to-fill or high profile job, I put together a 6 – 7 page framework of all of the places that we need to go, where those people live online, etc. This spreadsheet includes everything from events in the area of hire related to that particular position, to forums or places online where we can do free posts, to every LinkedIn group related to that job, to Twitter, to Facebook, all of the PPC, sometimes a micro-site, whether we’re going to do a video, email marketing, niche job boards, etc. We do tons of research up front to determine how we’re going to target market for our jobs and then we track the success rates of each step.

I’m also going to talk about the technology and recruiting transformations that are taking place and what that means for the market and for recruiters. And I’ll be talking about turning candidates into customers and hires into brand ambassadors.

In your opinion, what’s the biggest opportunity with social recruiting?

No question about it – engagement. Success to me is when customers – internal and external – are able to tell the NEW Deluxe story with delight and excitement and they’re spreading the word. That means that they’ve had a great experience with us from a recruiting perspective, a product or service perspective, or as an employee.


Find information HERE about how to watch Stacy’s presentation live on Thursday, March 24th at 1:30pm PT/4:30pm ET via the live stream provided by or catch the recording via the same site at a future date. You can check out the slides for Stacy’s ERE Spring 2011 presentation on Slideshare – “Mission Possible: How to Create a Comprehensive Social Media Recruitment Marketing Strategy”. Follow her on Twitter – @sjvconsult.

And finally, check out this awesome “behind the scenes” video from the Deluxe Recruiting team. Informative, helpful and fun. I love it!

7 Approaches to Recruiting With Facebook [slides & recording]

In my last post, I invited you to join me for a complimentary webcast sponsored by Jobvite – and over 1,400 people registered to attend!

Today, the folks at Jobvite have made the slides and recorded webcast available to everyone on the interwebs, so I wanted to share it with you here in case you weren’t able to make it on Tuesday. (email subscribers may need to click the link below to view)

Unfortunately, some of the formatting of the slides was changed a bit with the upload to slideshare, but the majority of the information is still viewable & there are links to 8 free resources and eBooks to help with understanding how to use Facebook for recruiting at the end of the slide presentation.

If you’d like to view/listen to the entire recorded presentation (with original slide formatting), you can still register for the webcast and view it online at your convenience via Vimeo.

If do you choose to view the recording, I hope you’ll also listen in at the end to hear just a few minutes about the solutions offered by Jobvite. I really appreciate them providing this webcast free of charge and making it available to everyone. They have some great products that are worth checking out!

7 Approaches to Recruiting with Facebook – Live Webcast



On Tuesday, March 15, 2011, I’ll be leading a live, complimentary (i.e. free) webcast:

7 Approaches to Recruiting With Facebook

This webcast is the latest in a series of social recruiting webcasts made available by the folks at Jobvite and I’m super excited that they’ve invited me to participate!

I hope you’ll join us for this hour long webcast on Tuesday, March 15th at 10am Pacific Time/1pm Eastern Time.

Details from the Jobvite webcast registration page:

7 Approaches to Recruiting With Facebook

** How do you make content stick with your target audience?
** Which profiles, pages and ads for jobs should you refine?
** How do you make it easy for employees to drive up referrals?

Facebook is not just for Gen Y. Any corporate recruiter can take advantage of this social network to easily increase quality referrals and attract the right talent — all while reducing costs. All you need is a solid plan. One that is effective, practical and easy for driving the results you want.

Join recently recognized top 25 most influential online recruiter and HR pro to follow on Twitter, Jennifer McClure, for this webcast as she shares the “how tos” and tips on getting the most out of Facebook for your recruiting efforts.

  • New approaches to using Facebook
  • Content that improves engagement and time management
  • Setting up Facebook profiles, pages and advertisements of job openings
  • Making it easy for employees to tap into their network to drive up referrals
  • Tracking and seeing what works

If you can’t make this live complimentary webcast, register anyway to get a link to the recording.

Click on this link to register for – 7 Approaches to Recruiting with Facebook

Learn more about Jobvite by visiting the Jobvite website and following on Twitter or Facebook!


Almost 400 people have registered to attend the webcast so far and I hope to “see” YOU there!

If you have questions about using Facebook for recruiting, employee & candidate engagement or employment branding, let me know in the comments and I’ll do my best to address them in the webcast or in a future blog post!


8 Free Human Resources & Recruiting eBooks

I’ve described myself in the past as a consistently curious consumer of information related to all things human resources, recruiting, leadership development and social media. I love to learn. And I love free stuff too.

What do you get if you combine all of those things? Free eBooks!

Unfortunately, to access many eBooks, I’m required to share my contact information and typically receive a contact from a salesperson as a result. If the eBook is promising enough, I’ll do that, because I appreciate the time and effort required to put one together. However, there are plenty of great eBooks out there that are shared with no strings attached and I thought I’d share few of my recent favorites with you!

To download a free copy of each of the eBooks below – just click on the image to access the PDF link. No registration or additional steps required!

Four eBooks from UpstartHR blogger – Ben Eubanks

Ben Eubanks – HR Pro by day, HR blogger by night, Co-Founder of HRevolution, Social Media Director of the North Alabama SHRM Chapter (and Father of recently born twins) – is quite the industrious HR professional! In addition to writing regularly on his own HR blog and the blog for his local SHRM chapter – Rocket HR, Ben regularly produces eBooks for HR pros and invites some of the smartest people in the business to share their advice and experiences. Below are only four of Ben’s recent eBooks. There’s more free stuff available on his site at Upstart HR/Freebies – including a free PHR Study Series eBook!





























One eBook from blogger Benjamin McCall

Another Ben – Benjamin McCall – Leadership Performance Consultant at Standard Register – is prolific writer on his blog and also a regular contributor to the Greater Cincinnati Human Resources Association blog. He recently published a Learning & Development eBook, which includes contributions from several HR and Leadership development professionals.

Two eBooks from Chris Ferdinandi – blogger at Renegade HR & Go Make Things

Here’s a couple of great eBooks by long-time blogger & writer – Chris Ferdinandi – Employee Development & Social Media Specialist at EMC Corporation. One includes ideas from 21 of HR’s leading thinkers and doers on how to be a better HR pro in 2011 and the other is a summary of one of his presentations at the University of Rhode Island on Employment Branding. Good stuff!















Chris has also written a short book that is a step-by-step guide to recruiting and employer branding called “Culture Convo“. Check out how you can purchase a PDF or paperback copy here or you can sign up to read it free via email.

One eBook from EMC Corporation

Finally, while this one is over a year old, it’s a great resource for Job Seekers, Recruiters and Human Resources professionals. This eBook, compiled by the folks at EMC Corporation (which also happens to be Chris Ferdinandi’s employer), features 100 Job Search Tips From Fortune 500 Recruiters. The book is meant to inspire, motivate, provide insights and identify traps. It also includes a list of job search resources and social media sites.








Your Recommendations?

I know there are plenty of other eBooks and free resources out there that you may be aware of – or maybe you’ve written one. Share your recommendations in the Comments!

Celebrating Twitter As A Business Communication Tool

Recently, I passed 10,000 Followers on Twitter…

I’m still waiting on my pony.

“Twitter officials” have informed me that I have not yet reached the Follower count at which ponies are granted. Boo.

But I still can’t quit you Twitter. Let me count some of the reasons why I love you.

Twitter is a great source of business opportunities

Because of my presence on Twitter, I’ve gotten speaking engagements, consulting opportunities, candidate referrals, coaching clients and interviews with major publications. It’s not uncommon for me to get a Direct Message, an email or phone call that starts with “I follow you on Twitter and we have a need for ___ (something I do) and I thought of you.”  While not all of those contacts result in paying clients, a good portion of them have. Enough to classify Twitter as a solid business development channel for me. Win!

Twitter is a great source of referral opportunities

As a Connector, I’m always on the lookout for opportunities to help or to refer someone. Because Twitter is a place where people network, ask questions or mention needs, I’ve spotted a number of opportunities in the last three years where I’ve been able to introduce one of my contacts – which resulted in new clients or new jobs for them. “Social networking” works the same way old-fashioned networking does. It’s about building relationships and connecting people!

Solid professional relationships & friendships developed in 140 characters

Twitter has provided me the opportunity to build relationships with top recruiting and HR leaders that I likely would have never come in contact with in the past. For example, I interviewed China Gorman – former COO & Chief Global Membership Engagement Officer at SHRM while at a conference, where she shared her perspectives on being a business leader in HR. I asked Chris Hoyt – Talent Engagement & Marketing Leader at PepsiCo – if I could get his advice on some work I was doing with a client and he graciously shared an amazing amount of information with me via a phone call. I had dinner and a great conversation across the pond in the United Kingdom with Arie Ball – VP of Talent Acquisition at Sodexo, where she shared more about the Sodexo story and we found that we have much in common. These conversations only happened because I initially “met” all of these folks – and many more – on Twitter. (Follow them on Twitter at @ChinaGorman, @TheRecruiterGuy & @Arie_Ball.)

Twitter doesn’t take that much time – if you manage your time

I’ll be the first to admit that Twitter can be a time suck, but so can the internet, people in the office, clients, email, etc. I’ve had to develop systems for managing these other types of distractions throughout my career and I have to manage Twitter’s influence on my day as well. For example, I log out of Twitter while working on projects and rarely tweet on weekends or in the evenings. I’m in constant communication mode during most of my workday and as an Introvert, I need time away from the “noise” to recharge. Thanks to the saved searches that I’ve set up, I don’t miss tweets or conversations that I want to be a part of that took place while I wasn’t logged on.

The right tools make Twitter use easier

I’m a big Fan of TweetDeck, because it allows me to create groups and save searches so I don’t miss mentions or replies involving any of the Twitter accounts that I manage. I currently manage my own account – @JenniferMcClure, one for my business – @UnbridledTalent, one for my LinkedIn Group – @LinkCincinnati and I’m one of the tweeters behind my local HR association’s account – @GCHRACincinnati. TweetDeck also allows me to schedule tweets, so if I read a blog post or article late at night or want to share it on more than one of my accounts, I can schedule the tweets throughout the workday rather than all at the same time.

The love story continues…

I joined Twitter on March 26, 2008 after reading a blog post from Jim Stroud commenting that there were only 85 Recruiters on Twitter. At that time, like many people today, I didn’t understand the concept or really have an interest in joining, but I did want to keep evolving as a recruiter and a business person, so I decided to try to figure out how to utilize it to develop business, build relationships and recruit talent. Nearly three year later, I’m marking that experiment as a success!

Thanks Twitter for all of the entertainment, information, business deals, relationships and friendships!

Twitter Member #14,221,435 aka @JenniferMcClure

But don’t forget, I still want one of these.

Image Credit: Shetland Pony by suvodeb