11.12.09 HR Happy Hour Blog Talk Radio Show Featuring the Fistful of Talent Crew

If you haven’t been paying attention lately, there’s a lot of cool people doing some new and innovative things in the HR/Recruiting/Talent Management space and one of those things is a BlogTalk Radio show hosted by Steve Boese and Shauna Moerke (the HR Minion) called HR Happy Hour.

081e2042-cfa8-455c-bdf6-4832ba4b40e9hr_happy_hour Started as an opportunity for HR pros to chat, vent and discuss the burning issues of the day,the HR Happy Hour has turned into a “must attend” event bi-monthly (sort of) on Thursday evenings at 8 p.m. EST. I’ve been a guest previously on Episode 10 – The Job Seeker’s Show and was also fortunate to be in attendance when the show went on the road recently for two live broadcasts – Episode 17 for the Fail Spectacularly party in Chicago (put on by Laurie Ruettimann of Punk Rock HR and Jason Seiden – who’s new book Super Staying Power launched this week) and Episode 18 at HRevolution in Louisville, Kentucky this past weekend.

Next up – Episode 19, where the Fistful of Talent crew will tackle Next Gen HR – sharing our thoughts and opinions on the future of Talent and HR in general. As someone who has plenty of opinions, I’ll definitely be calling in – and we’ll see if I catch any grief for being lame and not posting often enough over at FOT. (I solemnly vow to improve – I promise!)

If you’re available Thursday night, you should definitely call in or listen to the show live (or the archive at a later date/time) via the BlogTalk Radio channel. You can also lurk or participate in the smack talk on Twitter via the hash tag #HRHappyHour – (follow that here.) Another way to participate if you’re truly snarky (and have been deemed cool enough by the Google gods to receive an invite) is the irreverent HR Happy Hour back channel discussion that goes on over at Google Wave. On the Wave and want to jump in? Leave a comment with your Wave address and I’ll add you to the discussion.

With all of this talking, tweeting and waving going on, clearly, you’ll want to be a part of HR Happy Hour Thursday night. See you there/here!