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As mentioned in a previous post, I was fortunate to be able to attend the SummitUp Social Media Confab in Dayton, OH this week and also to lead a Breakout session on Using Social Media In HR & Recruiting. The Confab (conference) was awesome, and I'll share some more information with my takeaways from the event in a separate post. I also thought I'd share a copy of my presentation here, as it's been well received on since posted during the conference. (Email subscribers – click through to the blog to view the presentation.)

A brief takeaway document was also provided with some resources for those who'd like to do some additional research. The resources are listed on the last slide of presentation as well as below – including links.

SummitUp – Using Social Media in HR & Recruiting Resources

Companies using Social Media well to watch & learn from:

Who Should Recruiters Follow on Twitter? 100+ Suggestions

Getting Your HR Friends on Twitter? Start Here

Companies Recruiting on Twitter

Jennifer McClure’s Social Media Policy tags on Delicious – updates each time I tag a blog post or news article with the tag "socialmediapolicy"

Online Database of Social Media Policies

Air Force Blog Assessment Policy (Good Communication/Response Guide)

Bonus: Here are links to the Twitterable Twitter Policy, Two-Word Corporate Blogging Policy and The HR Capitalist Social Media Policy included in the presentation, which are found on the awesome blogs Gruntled Employees and The HR Capitalist. (Hope you're a subscriber!)

I'll be doing a couple of similar presentations on this topic in the near future. If you have additional questions, resources, comments or suggestions to add, I'd love for you to share them in the Comments section below!

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8 thoughts on “Using Social Media In HR & Recruiting

  1. Thanks for the comment Lance! Coming from someone that I respect and learn from very much, I really do appreciate it!
    It’s tough to make a case for social media in HR and Recruiting in 45 minutes, but those who attended my session were looking for some specific ideas on initial steps to take and some key tools to focus on. Hopefully, a spark was lit and the fires will be glowing soon. 🙂

  2. Thanks David! I really appreciate you including me in the SummitUp conference as one of the speakers and I have definitely learned a lot about creating more visual and engaging presentations from the ones I’ve seen from you!

  3. Jennifer,
    This looks fantastic. I am glad you were able to present a significantly more strong and clear case for social web use than I have seen in the past. Thanks!

  4. Really excellent presentation and compilation of other resources Jennifer! This is a fantastic resource for anyone looking to get started in social media for HR and Recruiting.

  5. This was great, Jennifer. At two meetings of my local SHRM chapter in the past month, it became very clear to me that HR pros are looking for the type of information that you have presented. WHY do I need to get involved, and HOW do I do it? I think you captured both of those things quite well. I’ll be sharing this.

  6. @Steve – The presentation is a good starting point, but hopefully, the HR/Recruiting pros who haven’t jumped on board yet will just START. 🙂
    @Dan – I’m glad you found the info helpful and hopefully your HR partners won’t run you out of town for being brave enough to bring it up!
    @Joan – Thanks Joan and I’m glad to see how you’ve jumped in the social media space with both feet. Hopefully, you can help to bring the members of your local HR chapter along. Someone has to start the ball rolling!

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