Who Should Recruiters Follow On Twitter? 100+ Suggestions

One of the most popular posts on this blog continues to be 10 People All Recruiters Should Follow on Twitter – and two of the top ten search phrases that land people here are "Twitter for Recruiters" and "Recruiters to follow on Twitter". Hopefully, when they arrive here, they're finding helpful content on using Twitter for Sourcing/Recruiting and thanks to a heads up from HR Technology Blogger Steve Boese recently about a new Twitter app (TweepML), I'd like to share a suggested "Recruiter Twitter Starter Pack" of 100 Recruiters/HR/Talent Management professionals that I recommend following on Twitter.

One of the coolest things about TweepML lists is that you can click on one button to automatically follow everyone on the suggested list or view the profiles and select just a few. Users can create lists of up to 100 suggested Follows, so while my list doesn't include everyone in the industry that I follow or learn from, I tried to create a good mix that would be helpful for a Recruiter/HR pro new to Twitter or someone building a network of Talent Management professionals. 

So without further ado, click on the icon below to access my suggested Recruiter Twitter Starter Pack:

Bonus #1: Steve shared two lists of his suggested Follows for HR and Recruiting Peeps (that's 200 people on Twitter) on his blog – Steve Boese's HR Technology – and I'd suggest that you go here and follow his suggestions as well. There's definitely some overlap in our lists, but that just confirms that great minds think alike.

Bonus #2: Follow @badbanana. Nothing to do with recruiting or HR, but a seriously funny dude who makes me laugh every day. And I deal with people here in Cincy Recruiter's World, which means some days I desperately need a laugh!

If you've been a late adopter or a Twitter-Hater, hopefully you're starting to thaw – or at least develop a slight interest in figuring out how to use this increasingly popular tool in your sourcing and recruiting efforts. (If not, you can always bookmark this post and come back to it later when you reach that point… like tomorrow, or maybe next week.)

Who'd I miss on my Recruiter/Talent Management suggestions? Add yourself or your suggestions in the Comments so people can find you here!

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10 thoughts on “Who Should Recruiters Follow On Twitter? 100+ Suggestions

  1. Very lovely list of Twitter resources for Recruiters (and smart candidates). TweepleML is a super cool tool too. This is such an easy way for Recruiters new to Twitter to get up to speed. Not like the “old days” when we had to add manually 🙂

  2. Jennifer, What a great service to your readers, I found quite a few excellent additions here, except I’m not too sure about that Bob guy you mentioned….

  3. Jennifer – Thanks very much for the mention, and more importantly for adding your insight and energy to help create more interaction and engagement. These lists are really quite useful, and I hope that many folks can leverage your efforts to make some meaningful connections.

  4. Thank you for including me on your list. This is a great service to those who are new to Twitter as well as those who have been using it for months or even longer and want to be sure that they’re following the right people.

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