Using Social Media: A Missed Opportunity for HR?

Missed opportunity This morning, I’m facilitating the Miami Valley Human Resources Association‘s monthly HR-Xchange meeting, where I’ll be leading a discussion on “Using Social Media & Social Networks – Are You Missing the Opportunities in HR?”. I hope to come back with some insights to share with you as to why many HR professionals are hesitant to get involved with social media and figure out how to use some of these tools to help them to grow in their careers, promote their Employment Brand and connect with/recruit qualified candidates. But don’t worry, we’re not going to stop with just discussing why people aren’t getting on board, we’ll also be talking about how to overcome some of the concerns and just get started.

Here’s an excerpt from a recent post by Mack Collier on his blog The Viral GardenSocial Media isn’t going away, either get on the bus, or get left behind – that speaks to why it’s important for companies (not just HR) to figure this stuff out:

The future doesn’t belong to companies that think that social media is the best thing since sliced bread. It also doesn’t belong to companies that think that it’s all overblown kool-aid drinking, and that’s determined to ignore it, simply because you hate all the hype that social media is getting.

You guys keep fussing about which tools are best, the rest of us will keep figuring out how these tools can WORK TOGETHER to benefit companies.

Social media isn’t going away, and neither is ‘traditional’ marketing. You can either worry about which tools are best, and who is ‘right’, or you can get to work figuring out which tools are right for your company and clients.

Where will you spend your time?

Still think that your HR/Recruiting team (or company) doesn’t need to bother with using Social Media as part of your business strategy? Then check out the statistics presented in the following video – Social Media Revolution – and ask yourself how much longer you can continue ignore it…

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3 thoughts on “Using Social Media: A Missed Opportunity for HR?

  1. Jennifer,
    I would have loved to have seen your presentation. It is amazing to me that something built around human interaction has not been more widely embraced by Human Resources. From employee recruitment to engagement, development, and retention the benefits that social media can deliver to a firm are staggering. Kudos to you for leading the charge.

  2. Jennifer thanks for the link and mention! As you mentioned, social media isn’t going away, and isn’t going to replace what’s already out there. But the smart companies are the ones that are NOW figuring out the potential for social media. Just look at Dell, here’s a company that 4 years ago had a stated policy of ‘we don’t respond to bloggers’. Now they have one of the most successful and progressive social media strategies on the planet.
    Have a great weekend!

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