Who Is The Best Recruiter In The World? (And Other Stuff People Ask Me)

Keyword Graph One of the fun things about having a place on the internet where I share my thoughts with the universe is periodically checking the Analytics for this blog. Being a Charts, Graphs and Data Girl, this information definitely interests me and it’s very helpful as I continue to search for my blogging “voice” by seeing what content attracts and engages readers. (And bonus points for the data being frequently amusing too!)

Here’s a sampling from a recent look at some of the data for Cincy Recruiter’s World:

  • Almost 30,000 pages have been viewed
  • Visitors reside in 121 countries (85 countries sent more than 1 visitor)

Top 6 referring sites:

  1. Smartbrief.com
  2. LinkedIn
  3. Twitter
  4. Punk Rock HR
  5. Fistful of Talent
  6. Facebook

    Most popular posts: (List posts seem to be very popular)

    1. 6 Tips for Developing Executive Presence
    2. 25 Web Resources to Help You Get Your LinkedIn Game On
    3. 10 Social Media Resources for Executive Job Search
    4. 10 People All Recruiters Should Follow on Twitter
    5. Searching for a Job? Don’t Call a Recruiter – Think Like a Recruiter
    6. What Are The Best Interview Questions to Identify Leadership Potential?

    People pondering these questions via search engines also ended up here:

    • “How am I going to look when I’m 30?” I don’t know about you kid, but I looked fabulous. 😉
    • “What to do when a Recruiter calls?” Hmmm… I’m thinking you should answer the phone and say hello?
    • “How do you get a Recruiter to pay attention to you?” Be a legitimate match for a position we’re actively recruiting for. Oh, and be likeable. Recruiters are people too and that works with just about anyone.
    • “What are HR professionals saying to each other?” I think they’re talking about how much they like Recruiters… and how they want to learn how to effectively use Social Media in HR.
    • “What is a Coaching hat?” I don’t know. But I think I want one.
    • “I hate people and try to avoid interactions with them.” Dude…I don’t know if you’ll find much of what you’re looking for here in Cincy Recruiter’s World, but maybe you will on this blog.

    And finally, the gift that keeps on giving… at least 11 visitors who Googled phrases like “paddled + 3rd grade “, “paddled in high school” and the creepy “jenn + got + paddled + detention” ended up here thanks to this post. I can only hope that when they got here, they picked up a few helpful tips and strategies for recruiting, coaching, social media and talent development.

    Thanks to everyone that has participated in this journey thus far! If you haven’t already, I hope you’ll continue down the path with me and subscribe via email or RSS. I also hope you’ll add to the conversation on my posts by sharing your Comments. I really do want to hear from you!

    Unless you hate people and want to avoid interactions with them. Then you can pass…

    President & Chief Talent Strategist

    Jennifer McClure is a Keynote Speaker, Talent Strategies Expert and Executive Coach who works with clients and companies in the areas of leadership development, communication and talent strategy. Jennifer McClure offers keynotes, workshops and training that inspire and empower business leaders to be more effective in their careers and as leaders of their organization’s most valuable resource – people.

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    2 thoughts on “Who Is The Best Recruiter In The World? (And Other Stuff People Ask Me)

    1. It strikes my fancy to be likable and friendly or friendly and likable, if you are serious about making a pitch for a position offering.
      I l@@k to “Dr. McClure” to lead and inspire my next activity and I expect to enjoy it. ( With Eyes Wide Open )…:::
      two ears, two eyes, stay alert. Thanks Jen for the inspiration. Jim

    2. Jennifer –
      Pretty cool analysis of your site.
      BTW, I’ve gotten a fair amount of traffic from you – thanks! I just added you to my blogroll and hope to send some back your way.

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