Social Media for HR Professionals Webinar – Two Perspectives

Yin yang This week, The National Institute of Business Management will be hosting a webinar titled Social Media for HR Professionals featuring myself and employment lawyer Cynthia L. Gibson – a Partner at Katz, Teller, Brant & Hild. There is a fee to attend (that goes to NIBM), but if you’re interested in both how social media/social networks can be used by Human Resources professionals and how to address some of the legal concerns, this may be for you.

The webinar is scheduled for 1:00 p.m. – 2:15 p.m on Thursday, July 23rd EST. If you’re interested, you can register here.

Here’s a summary of what we’ll be discussing straight from the NIBM website:

Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn have had a major impact on the way people interact and communicate and as an HR professional, it’s up to you to understand and set rules for these social media technologies in the workplace.

Unfortunately, the impact is not always positive. Improper use of social media at work can damage morale… hurt productivity… and even expose your company to a lawsuit and that’s all the more reason you need to be aware of both the opportunities and the pitfalls of social media. That’s why The HR Specialist has teamed a leading HR social media expert with a top employment attorney to give you the full picture on how this communications revolution affects your workplace – and your work.

Introducing Social Media for HR Professionals. HR Tips and Strategies from a “Social Media Addict”

Social Media for HR Professionals will acquaint you with the tools of social media and explain how those tools should (and should NOT) be used in the workplace. You’ll discover how to successfully employ social media while managing the legal risks. Presenter Jennifer McClure combines her 20 years of HR experience with her knowledge of social media – she’s a self-described social-media “addict” – to help you navigate this brave new world. She’ll be joined by attorney Cynthia Gibson – an expert in employment law matters, and a certified Senior Professional in Human Resources.

Whether you’re a Twitter devotee or new to the game… a Facebook aficionado or a beginner… this insightful webinar will help you formulate policies, train your staff, recruit top talent and more. We’ll discuss:

* What Social Media/Web 2.0 is
* How HR can benefit
* The difference between profession-based and “pure” social networks
* Using social media in recruiting, career development and employment branding
* Three internal legal risks of social media
* Three external legal risks of social media
* Analyzing how your employees use social media
* Developing a social media policy for your workplace
* And much more!

Make sure you’re getting everything you should out of social media – while not getting in hot water.  Sign up for Social Media for HR Professionals today!

P.S. FREE Bonus Gift. Register for Social Media for HR Professionals, and we’ll send you How to Draft a Company Social Networking Policy – an exclusive white paper – absolutely free.

P.P.S. Your satisfaction is unconditionally guaranteed. If Social Media for HR Professionals fails to meet your needs, we will refund 100% of your tuition – no questions asked. Your exclusive white paper is yours to keep.

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