Clues For How to Use LinkedIn

Sherlock Holmes It’s no secret here in Cincy Recruiter’s World that I’m a LinkedIn
Fan. When I boot up my computer each day, the first thing I open after
Outlook and Google is LinkedIn – and it’s open all day as I drop in out
on a regular basis. I use LinkedIn to stay connected to my network, to
research people and companies and to learn new things from the Groups
I’m in, questions that are asked/answered in the Answers section and
the numerous blog posts, Slideshare presentations and reading suggestions that are uploaded by those I’m connected to.

I speak to groups and organizations regularly and I probably answer several questions a day from individuals about how to use LinkedIn. Recently, Kerry Sandberg Scott – the brains behind the super awesome blog Clue Wagon
– asked if I’d answer some common questions that she gets from her
readers to share on her blog. I was happy to participate and this week,
she’s running a LinkedIn 101 series of posts with those
questions/answers. The first post is up today – LinkedIn 101: Getting Started – and myself and another Recruiter – Betsy Curtin from plum
– will be sharing our thoughts. So check out what we had to say and if
you’re not a subscriber to Clue Wagon already – I’d encourage you to do
so. Kerry shares a lot of great information on HR, job search and
recruiting with a sense of humor and great writing style.

For more tips on how to use LinkedIn, check out the 2nd most popular post to date on this blog – 25 Web Resources to Help You Get Your LinkedIn Game On.

you have any burning questions about LinkedIn? If so, share them with me in the Comments section and I’ll do my
best to answer them in a future post.

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2 thoughts on “Clues For How to Use LinkedIn

  1. Q: Why is it that people interested in “career opportunities” do not list contact info in their profile? Just wonderin’.
    Bonita Martin
    HR Director
    Phoenix Formations, Inc.

  2. Thanks again for your help in putting the LinkedIn series together. I have a number of friends at my old company who are about to lose their jobs, and I’ve already heard from them on how much they appreciate the insight. I’ve even learned a few new tricks myself!

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