ERE Social Recruiting Summit 2009 – Recap, Resources & Tweets

Despite the challenges created by modern-day air travel (really, how many times in one trip can you be delayed by planes missing a part, having malfunctioning parts or a baggage crew who "forgets" to load the plane?), I've returned safely and inspired from the ERE Social Recruiting Summit held on June 16, 2009 at the Google Campus in beautiful Mountain View, California! Alas, no Google Goats were sighted during my brief stay. Apparently after an organizing attempt by PETA and demands for perks and free benefits, they've been unceremoniously relocated…

Click on the link below to view a brief video recap of my experience:

Cincy Recruiter's ERE Social Recruiting Summary Recap 6 17 09 on Vimeo

I must say that the crew from ERE did a fantastic job of assembling a full day of content with great speakers! They should also be highly praised for live streaming the Conference to allow those who were not able to attend to participate "live" and for many to be able to view the content in the future.

I'm sharing links below to the presentations, as well as some selected Tweets shared by Conference attendees and others in the Twitterverse who were either watching the live feeds or "listening in" via the Twitter "hashtag" #socialrecruiting. Lots of great stuff here. Take some time to check out the slide decks and videos – as well as the links to all of the blogs and Twitter profiles!


Conference opening video (Evolution of Recruiting) shared by Susan Burns of Talent Synchronicity.

Keynote presentation by Reid Hoffman – Chairman & CEO of LinkedInSlide Deck & Video.

@lifeatmcgladrey: – Shows new LinkedIn users as they sign up. Very, very cool!

@CincyRecruiter: April 2004 LinkedIn had 500k members. Now over 42 million.

@mspecht: Every individual is a small business therefore every individual is an entrepreneur. Everyone will have an online profile

@joshuakahn: LI profiles are more authentic cuz people tend not to lie in public as much. True?

Punk Rock HR's Laurie Ruettimann – Ubiquity & Authenticity in Social Media – Slide Deck & Audio.

@CincyRecruiter: For inquiring minds – @lruettimann is adorable & TINY! Started her HR career as HR Asst at a "cream of the crap" candy co.

@ewmonster: Respect professional boundaries. "Don't tell someone else's story for them- tell your own story." Nice.

Mobile Marketing for Recruitment by Chris Hoyt and Michael MarlattSlide Deck

@masterburnett: Worldwide adults 25-34 send more text messages that they make phone calls. Not just youth

@GerryCrispin: mobile benefits: ubiquitous, immediate, private, convenient, actionable. need relevance to community to reach further

IBM Emerging Technologies Evangelist Sacha ChuaThe Awesomest Job Search Ever – Video. (also check out Sacha's many awesome presentations on Slideshare)

@CincyRecruiter: Job search of the future ~ when u go to an interview & u already "know" each other. Social media can do that

@MattAlder: This girl is so enthusiastic it's actually scaring me, then maybe that's me just being British

@TheDavidGroup: Sacha Chua: [Employees] are going to be incredible recruiters if they LOVE the company. Boss's take note

No Sacred Cows: Making Sense of Social Recruiting by Joshua Kahn

@Frannyo: BEST Quote of the day "Advertising is the price we pay for being unremarkable." (Robert Stephens)

@lruettimann: @joshuakahn advocates bacon, social media, and having back-channel conversations

@TheRecruiterGuy: @joshuakahn used Facebook page (that was created by FANS of BestBuy) to connect with job seekers AND customers.

@JohnSumser: You don't build communities, you discover them. Most important point of the day.

@CincyRecruiter: It's a post-brand perfect world. So don't pretend that u are & that this stuff isn't happening

LinkedIn Networking – Shally Steckerl – Video.

@shally: Here are the top ten reasons recruiters should create LinkedIn groups: h

@shally: Answering questions and getting “best answer” helps establish you & your team’s credibility in your area of expertise

@shally: Idea 4 using LinkedIn Events: Create “virtual career day” and invite your target prospects, + u get 2 keep attendee list!

Welcome (Back) to the Community with William UrangaSlide Deck

@JobVite: getting back to community…the biggest rewards in recruiting will come from building communities

Online Employer Reputation & Social Recruiting – Shannon Seery GudeVideo.

@masterburnett: Never let an agency draft blog content if your goal is authenticity, it shouldn't be marketing perfect

@CincyRecruiter: Have social media guidelines vs social media policies. Tell employees what they can & should do vs shouldn't

@jrl2002: Great point made about looking at your goals & then determine the best tools vs. picking the current "hot" tool of the day

Additional Summaries from Social Recruiting Summit Attendees:

– Australian HR Technology Consultant Michael Specht – Social Recruiting Summit

– Pay-It-Forward Executive Recruiter Jenny DeVaughn – Notes from the Social Recruiting Summit

– Recruiting & Social Media Consultant Paul Jacobs from New Zealand – The Social Recruiting Summit (I'm Wagging My Tail)

– Human Resources Blogger/Writer Laurie Ruettimann of Punk Rock HRToday @ Le Googles

– Social Media Manager Brett Farmiloe's Notes from the 2009 Social Recruiting Summit at Google HQ

– Chris Hoyt – Associate Director of Talent Attraction at AT&T – What I Leaned (and Taught) at Camp

– IBM Emerging Technologies Evangelist – Sacha Chua – Notes from the Social Recruiting Summit

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