Social Media for HR Professionals Beyond LinkedIn

Last week, I spoke to a local Human Resources Group (the Northern Kentucky SHRM Chapter) about using Social Media as an HR professional along with David Cohen, a Senior Account Executive from LinkedIn. David did a great job of covering how LinkedIn can be utilized by HR and Recruiting professionals – including some of the cool features available with their corporate solutions. My job was to talk about some other tools to consider beyond LinkedIn — in about 15 minutes. Fueled by probably one too many Diet Cokes in advance, it's entirely possible that I completed my presentation in record time. Click on the link below to view a copy of the slide deck:

Cincy Recruiter's Social Media for HR Professionals Beyond LinkedIn 4 16 2009 on Slideshare

Here's a brief summary of my recommendations in the presentation including links for you to check them out:

Read/subscribe to Blogs, News Feeds, etc. to stay current.

There's a ton of great, leading edge content out on the world wide web to make us better as HR/Recruiting/Talent pros. The best way to access it is via RSS using some type of Reader. The second best way – via email subscription. For an HR starter pack, I recommend:

  • Fistful of Talent – a multi-contributor blog where you'll get a variety of viewpoints in HR, Recruiting & Talent Management. (Added bonus – my ramblings appear of FOT every now and then too.)
  • Benefits Buzz – Kris Dunn (the brains behind The HR Capitalist and Fistful of Talent) recently launched a second multi-contributor blog covering all things Benefits. While it's tough to make Benefits exciting and interesting, these folks are doing a nice job of bringing a little sexy back to this corner of the HR world.
  • Compensation Cafe – Ann Bares' blog Compensation Force is where I go to get the latest news and thought provoking ideas about the world of compensation. Ann recently launched Compensation Cafe – where she and several other compensation pros will drop some knowledge on all things comp. 
  • – The Columns and Articles on ERE are a fantastic resource for HR pros with Recruiting responsibilities. 
  • Alltop – For those who want to add more to their starter pack – find additional blogs of interest at Alltop, where feeds have been categorized and made available in a "magazine rack" format. You can browse several categories and check out what you like. A variety of HR and Recruiting blogs (including Cincy Recruiter's World) can be found in the Careers category.

Join Profession-Based Social Networks for HR.

Unfortunately, I see too many HR professionals who have isolated themselves from their peers and the outside world. Building effective professional relationships is critical for career development and some of the on-line professional networking options can be very helpful in that regard. These resources allow HR peeps to connect with each other, ask/answer questions, find resources, etc. Some recommendations:

  • The HR Net – a global on-line resource for HR professionals to ask/answer questions that is facilitated by Steve Browne – Executive Director of Human Resources at LaRosa's, Inc. Steve is a super-connected HR pro and sought after speaker whose goal is to put the "fun" back in HR. He shares an original HR themed song each week in an email summarizing recent activity on the Net. (Connect to the HR Net by emailing Steve here.)
  • – Find blogs, groups, forums and other HR pros to connect with and become a part of the community. Recently started by HR bloggers Lance Haun, Laurie Ruettimann and Jenn Barnes, it's growing fast and becoming a great resource. 
  • – Similar to HRMToday, RBC is the place where Recruiters of all types are connecting. With over 16,000 members, it's a great place to connect with the recruiting community. 
  • – In addition to the content mentioned above that is produced by the writers at ERE, there are many different Discussion Groups to ask and answer questions on a variety of topics.
  • SHRM Connect – coming soon from SHRM – a new "social-network" for HR pros! I'm excited to see how this one turns out so stay tuned. 

Facebook and Twitter – HR Can Use Them Too!

We also talked briefly about using Facebook and Twitter as HR pros – mostly to wake people up after their food comas had set in. Of the 100 or so attendees, maybe 10% were on Facebook, and it looked like about 5 were on Twitter. There are huge possibilities for both tools in HR – and most definitely for Recruiting and Employment Branding. Hopefully, a few of the attendees were inspired to at least begin to try them out.

If you're interested in more of my thoughts on social media resources for HR and Recruiting pros – check out my recent posts on Fistful of Talent – 5 Must Use Social Media Tools for HR & Recruiting Professionals in 2009 and 5 (More) Must Use Social media Tools for HR & Recruiting Professionals in 2009.

What are your thoughts about how HR pros can effectively use some of the social media tools beyond LinkedIn? What did I miss? What are your concerns? I'd love to hear from you in the Comments!

Spanning the World – Links You Can Use or Peruse – April 17th Edition

Blogging Each day, there’s an enormous amount of great content produced by people all over the world and put out on the world wide web. Sometimes it’s from a high-profile journalist or weblebrity, and sometimes it’s from a little known blogger who took the time to share their thoughts with the few souls who follow them that have taken the time to subscribe to their blog. (Ahem… you can subscribe to this little known blogger’s blog via email here or RSS here.)

As a consistently curious consumer of vast quantities of information in the areas of Recruiting, Coaching, HR, Leadership, Career Development, Employment Branding & Social Media, I’d like to share a few links to stuff I found interesting on the Interwebs within the last couple of weeks.


It’s almost counter-intuitive to think that recruiting top candidates would be harder in the current economic times, but Auren Hoffman does a really nice job of explaining why that’s indeed the case in Why Hiring is Paradoxically Harder in a Downturn. And he uses lots of charts, graphs and data to do it. We have ourselves a smarty up in here folks…

My friend Kelly Dingee – a Sourcing Ninja – published the April 2009 AIRS Sourcing Report. If your job involves sourcing candidates using the Internet, then this free monthly resource is for you!

Speaking of Sourcing Ninjas – the Boolean Black Belt (Glen Cathey) makes me dizzy with all of the ways that he can find potential candidates. Strap on your seat belt… Searching Social Media Requires Outside-The-Box-Thinking.

Times – they certainly are a-changin’…Good perspective for both Recruiters and Job Seekers on The Changing Face of Recruiting from Netshare, Inc.

I’m a serious fan of Chris Hoyt – Associate Director of Talent Attraction at AT&T’ – who is probably more widely known (on the web) as the RecruiterGuy. Chris is way out in front in terms of trying and implementing innovative ideas in the recruiting/sourcing space. In 360-Crazy-Sexy-Cool (Recruiting/Sourcing) Part I , he begins a series of posts on a completely mobile and cloud based boxed set of recruiting tools.


Jason Seiden always has a way of getting in your face and daring you to take the actions necessary to grow as a leader or in your career – What “Color” Is My Parachute? Sh*t Brown – Thanks for Asking. I like Jason’s coaching style – a lot.

Human Resources

(From Anyone who can quote my favorite movie Jerry Macguire and use the phrase “up at dawn, pride swallowing siege that I will never fully tell you about” to describe the (sometimes) life of an HR Director has me at “Hello”.

This week, I spoke at a local SHRM Group on the topic of How HR Can Use Social Media Beyond LinkedIn. Of the 100 or so in attendance, only about 5 were currently using Twitter. shares some of the drawbacks – and opportunities for HR in HR World Not Immune From Twitter Craze.


Great leadership advice and summary of Tips from Tom Peters for Leading in Freaked-Out Times on The Practice of Leadership blog.

Career Development

From my perspective, the single biggest issue for many who are searching for a job is not being able to clearly articulate what they are targeting to best utilize their talents and experience. Couldn’t have said this better myself – To Get the Job, Get Specific.

Another famous Jerry Macguire quote is put to good use by Kathy Rapp on Fistful of Talent in Help Me… Help You. How Not to Play the Salary Negotiation Game.

Employment Branding

The writers and contributors at produce significantly high quality stuff on a daily basis. This week, one of my favorites was Ryan EstisEmployment Branding 2.0 – The 8 C’s of My Web My Way.

Social Media/Social Networking

From what appears to be a relatively new blog with some very good content – The Social Executive – check out 9 Tips to Get Executives Started on Twitter.

Here’s an awesome post from the LinkedIn Blog about What Recruiters Look For in a LinkedIn Profile: 8 Tips. A similar post appeared on Mashable – with more good tips – Do You Pass the Social Media Recruitment Test? Of course every recruiter is different and these methods may not be applied by all, but it’s a good place to start.

Facebook isn’t just for poking “friends” and throwing sheep anymore… Check out these 20 Facebook Applications to Assist You In Your Job Search.

If you’re looking for some data to convince your CEO why it’s ok to allow employees to use social media at work – here’s your ticket – Facebook, YouTube at Work Make Better Employees: Study. But make sure he or she doesn’t see this – Does Facebook Make You Dumber? Study shows users of social networking site get lower grades. Just a minor detail in the pursuit of happier employees.

Bringing It Home

And finally, a CincyRecruiter shout-out to the social network for HR professionals –! I was already a fan, but recently winning an iPod Touch for sharing one of my (too many) hiring horror stories has made me love them that much more. If you’re in HR – or work with people – join HRMToday and check out my winning submission on how a male stripper once tried to recruit ME during his interview. And you thought you had all of the fun in Accounting…

Until next time, take it away Len Berman

10 Social Media Resources for Executive Job Search

Web2_logos I recently spoke at the Greater Cincinnati ExecuNet networking meeting for senior level professionals in career transition on the topic of 10 Social Media Resources for Executive Job Search. The group included a mix of executives – some familiar with many of the resources, some familiar with a few, and some who were learning about them for the first time. My goal was to provide a wide range of tools for the attendees to investigate, with the hope that each person walked away with at least three or four that they wanted to increase their involvement with or to implement.

My top 10 – in order of recommendation – are as follows:

  1. LinkedIn (duh)
  2. VisualCV
  3. JibberJobber
  4. Personal Website (buy
  5. Blogging
  6. Facebook
  7. Ning Groups
  8. Twitter
  9. Research/Automate/Consolidate (use RSS / read Blogs / set up Google Alerts)
  10. Job Search Engines/Aggregators ( &

I’d be interested in your thoughts and feedback as to additional tools you would recommend that were not included, or comments on my rankings. The comments are yours dear readers. Power to the people, Yo…