Recruiters Care How Long Your Resume Is – But Unfortunately They Don’t Agree

Resume crop Today over at Fistful of Talent, the latest episode of FOTv is up, and we’re talking resumes. Recently, FOT contributor Jason Seiden came out pretty strongly for a one page resume in a video post on his own blog (great stuff – I highly recommend you subscribe/become a regular reader). As you can see in the comments on his original post and in his follow-up post, not everyone agrees with him. So we’ve taken the opportunity at FOTv to let several members of the Fistful of Talent gang share their thoughts on Jason’s stance and my response includes the comment that Jason may be committing “resume malpractice”.  (Yep, Drama Queen right here.)

The FOTv video includes several different viewpoints on what the ideal resume should/shouldn’t include and the comments on the post include some great feedback from recruiters, HR professionals and job seekers as well.  Again, not everyone’s in agreement.

If you’re a job seeker who is trying to figure out what works/what doesn’t work in regards to your resume, then this type of debate may be very frustrating for you. However, my advice to anyone who asks me for resume feedback is to ask several recruiters their opinions (not just me) and then take that feedback, incorporate what resonates, and create a document to be proud of. You have to OWN your resume and if it’s working (that’s the key), don’t necessarily make changes every time someone suggests you do so. If you can rock a one-page resume, then go for it. If it’s two pages long, the consensus seems to be that most recruiters don’t mind that length if all of the content is relevant. Three pages or more – you’re pushing it…

I’d be interested in your comments/questions about what makes up the ideal resume. Take a moment to leave a comment here and I’ll answer your questions/provide some more of my thoughts in a future post.

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