25 Web Resources To Help You Get Your LinkedIn Game On

Chain I’m an avid and daily user of LinkedIn and I’m always seeking to learn more about how to use it effectively for building relationships, networking, job search, recruiting, personal branding and business development. I also enjoy sharing what I’ve learned with others and regularly speak to groups, associations and corporate clients about how to use LinkedIn. At those events, I typically provide attendees a LinkedIn Resource sheet to take home. I’m in the process of updating my Resources sheet for 2009, and I thought I’d share the links that were provided over the past year with you. So here you go:

Why You Should Use LinkedIn:

Creating Your LinkedIn Profile:

Building/Re-Enforcing Your Personal & On-Line Brand Using LinkedIn:

Ways to Use LinkedIn:

Using LinkedIn For Job Search:

How Do Recruiters Use LinkedIn?

General Resources:

I hope you find some of these resources to be helpful, and once I’ve update my list for 2009, I’ll share those links with you too. Feel free to add any resources you would suggest that I include in the Comments section below. The list can only be better with your help!

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10 thoughts on “25 Web Resources To Help You Get Your LinkedIn Game On

  1. @Jacob – Thanks for the Stumble! Your Gigantic Tips Guide for Finding Jobs With LinkedIn that is included in the list is awesome – as well as your blog. I appreciate your support.
    @Jason – Always happy to send people to great resources, and yours are some of the very best!

  2. Hi Jennifer:
    This is Mario from ShoestringBranding.com Thank you for linking to my Personal Branding Tips for LinkedIn article and for putting together this great list of resources. Looking forward to visiting your blog often.

  3. Thanks for stopping by Carmen! You know I love me some sharkyness and appreciate all the tips that you share on your blog as well!

  4. Thanks for visiting Mario! I appreciate the tips and advice shared on ShoestringBranding.com. Keep up the good work!

  5. Useful resources. I think that LinkedIN’s new feature letting you show your latest blog posts goes a long way to “selling” your profile to a prospective employer/customer

  6. Jennifer,
    This is a great resource for great linkedin resources. I will definitely refer this link to many undereducated linkedin users.
    Thanks for compiling it.

  7. Jennifer, I am interested to work in Europe or Australia. What are some of the better web sites which could assist me to locate global recruiters ?

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