Well Hello 2009 – I Think I’m Going to Like it Here

Thinking Like many of you, I’m in the midst of a “vacation” from work due to the long New Year’s holiday weekend. I use the word vacation loosely, because (also like many of you) I’m using this time to think about what occurred in 2008 and to prepare for success in 2009.

Looking back into 2008, blogging (starting with Fistful of Talent in March 2008 and the debut of CincyRecruiter’s World in October 2008) was a significant contributor to my professional growth last year, and I look forward to how it will help shape 2009. I have connected with some fantastic people (too many to mention here without missing someone) and have received great advice, help, resources and mentoring from them that has helped me personally and with my clients. Trust me, it’s possible to have both in-person and “virtual relationships” that are meaningful and powerful.

Looking forward into 2009, I’m not one to make New Year’s resolutions, but I can sum up my plans in two words – Awesomeness and Growth. Those two words can be applied to just about everything I want to accomplish personally and professionally. Stay tuned to share in my antics over the coming year…

And finally, while I’ve been visiting with family and friends and pondering both the past and future, I’ve shown up at least a couple of places on the Intertubes. If you didn’t catch them, check out The Jennifer McClure Blog Story on JPIE, and my recent post on Fistful of Talent5 Must-Use Social Media Tools for HR & Recruiting Professionals in 2009.

Thanks to you for being a part of my Journey thus far, and I look forward to connecting with you (more frequently) in 2009!

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