Fistful of Talent Crew Kicks Off Must-See FOTv

Fistful of Talent Kris Dunn and the gang at Fistful of Talent are stretching the boundaries yet again to keep the talent management dialog and content fresh for readers. The latest innovation is called Fistful of Talent TV (or FOTv for short) and it brings the faces behind the writing to the forefront! The pilot episode is up today, so check out KD, Jessica Lee and Joshua Letourneau talking about the EFCA, Social Media fools, needy candidates and Job Descriptions that suck. Here’s the scoop per Kris on the FOT Blog:

We’re still playing around with the name.  The idea behind the product is that we’ve got some great contributors over at FOT, and while I love the way they write, I know they have even MORE to give.  So, we stuck a camera in front of them at the same time, threw a list of topics on their lap and said…. “you’re on….GO!”

We’ve got tons of ideas to keep the format fresh, moving forward, so we’ll be experimenting a good bit in the months to come with the product.  Expect to see Tolan, Hogan, Hebert, McClure, Dingee, Uranga, Pankow, Rapp and Seiden buck up in the near future as well.

So check out today’s episode, and I’ll be in the mix in the near future once I renegotiate my FOT contract with my Agent. (This move calls for a bigger trailer, a makeup artist and more Diet Coke available from Craft Services on the set.)

Also, if you haven’t already, you can check out my post that was up earlier this week on FOT – 5 (More) Must-Use Social Media Tools for HR & Recruiting Professionals, which is a follow up post to 5 Must-Use Social Media Tools for HR & Recruiting Professionals in 2009.

2009 Sherpa Executive Coaching Survey Results Released

I’m putting my coaching hat on today and sharing with you results from the 2009 Sherpa Executive Coaching Survey – which is the fourth annual survey conducted by Cincinnati-based Sherpa Executive Coaching – an Executive Coach training and certification institute. (The survey is also sponsored by the Executive Education Programs at Texas Christian University and the University of Georgia.)

I always find the results of this annual survey interesting due to its primary focus being on the field of Executive Coaching, and the fact that those who participate are practicing coaches and those who hire them. This year, the survey included responses from 1,500 participants. Also, I’m a fan of the Sherpa team and their coaching process, since I completed the training through the University of Cincinnati Executive Education Program in 2006.

Sherpa Survey

Definition of Executive Coaching

For the purpose of the survey, the sponsors define Executive Coaching as follows:

“Executive Coaching means: regular meetings between a business leader and a trained facilitator, designed to produce positive changes in business behavior in a limited time-frame.”

Survey Highlights and Personal Take-aways

  • In the early days of coaching, an executive who wasn’t living up to expectations was the one most likely to receive executive coaching – but that has shifted to more coaching being devoted to developing leaders and leadership skills.
  • “Coaching is widely used as a leadership development tool.”
  • The Coaching industry is maturing, and seems to be stabilizing.
  • In the past, general business and consulting experience was the best way to gain respect as an executive coach, and this year, training and certification as a coach was perceived as more important by HR professionals in larger firms.
  • “92% of HR professionals and coaching clients believe in-person delivery is the most effective.”
  • “61% of executive coaches say a coaching engagement should run six months or less.”
  • Coaches with more experience make more money – with executive coaches having 5+ years of experience earning over $130,000 per year (down from 2008).

I can easily say that my coaching training has been one of the highlights of my professional career thus far, and what I learned in the program has proven helpful to me not only when I coach – but also in interviewing, meeting with clients and in providing consulting services. Through the training I learned to try to understand situations by asking great questions (a primary focus for a coach) and how to facilitate personal discovery versus providing the answers.

For more information, you can download the complete 2009 survey results (which includes a suggested ROI calculation for Executive Coaching) here.

Bonus Tip

Here’s a few of my favorite “official” coaching questions:

  1. So?
  2. And?
  3. Why’d you do that?
  4. How’s that working for you?

Now don’t go pulling those out on just anybody! Questions like these should be wielded only by skilled and trained professionals…

25 Web Resources To Help You Get Your LinkedIn Game On

Chain I’m an avid and daily user of LinkedIn and I’m always seeking to learn more about how to use it effectively for building relationships, networking, job search, recruiting, personal branding and business development. I also enjoy sharing what I’ve learned with others and regularly speak to groups, associations and corporate clients about how to use LinkedIn. At those events, I typically provide attendees a LinkedIn Resource sheet to take home. I’m in the process of updating my Resources sheet for 2009, and I thought I’d share the links that were provided over the past year with you. So here you go:

Why You Should Use LinkedIn:

Creating Your LinkedIn Profile:

Building/Re-Enforcing Your Personal & On-Line Brand Using LinkedIn:

Ways to Use LinkedIn:

Using LinkedIn For Job Search:

How Do Recruiters Use LinkedIn?

General Resources:

I hope you find some of these resources to be helpful, and once I’ve update my list for 2009, I’ll share those links with you too. Feel free to add any resources you would suggest that I include in the Comments section below. The list can only be better with your help!

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Kickin’ It Recruiter Style With in Cincinnati January 21st

Cincinnati Hey Greater Cincinnati Recruiters and Human Resources professionals – – is hosting a networking opportunity on Wednesday, January 21st in our fair city!

The folks at ERE provide great resources on their website for those who recruit – both internally and externally – including articles, blogs, discussion groups, and on-line professional networking opportunities. They also host great national conferences, including the upcoming ERE Spring 2009 Expo, which I’m planning to attend.

I will definitely be at the Cincinnati gathering, and Amybeth Hale (The Research Goddess) was the first to sign up – so you know it’s going to be a great time. Check out the info below from the post over on ERE…

ERE is starting off the new year by hosting a Meetup — a chance for recruiters in the Cincinnati area to do a little networking after hours. Thanks to our sponsor Taleo, we’ve got drinks and appetizers — all you need to do is show up to meet and network with familiar faces (and some new ones) in our industry!

Over the past few months we have held ERE Meetups in Boston, New York City, Miami, San Francisco, and most recently Dallas. They have had a great turnout and the recruiters who joined us had a fantastic time!

We will be holding this Meetup at the gorgeous Cincinnatian Hotel in downtown Cincinnati. Here’s the info:

When: Wednesday, January 21st
5:30 – 7:30 pm
Where: Cincinnatian Hotel, 601 Vine Street, Cincinnati, OH

If you have any questions, please feel free to email Melissa Shaw.

Please RSVP for the Cincinnati ERE Meetup by adding your name at the bottom of the post to the comments!

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Well Hello 2009 – I Think I’m Going to Like it Here

Thinking Like many of you, I’m in the midst of a “vacation” from work due to the long New Year’s holiday weekend. I use the word vacation loosely, because (also like many of you) I’m using this time to think about what occurred in 2008 and to prepare for success in 2009.

Looking back into 2008, blogging (starting with Fistful of Talent in March 2008 and the debut of CincyRecruiter’s World in October 2008) was a significant contributor to my professional growth last year, and I look forward to how it will help shape 2009. I have connected with some fantastic people (too many to mention here without missing someone) and have received great advice, help, resources and mentoring from them that has helped me personally and with my clients. Trust me, it’s possible to have both in-person and “virtual relationships” that are meaningful and powerful.

Looking forward into 2009, I’m not one to make New Year’s resolutions, but I can sum up my plans in two words – Awesomeness and Growth. Those two words can be applied to just about everything I want to accomplish personally and professionally. Stay tuned to share in my antics over the coming year…

And finally, while I’ve been visiting with family and friends and pondering both the past and future, I’ve shown up at least a couple of places on the Intertubes. If you didn’t catch them, check out The Jennifer McClure Blog Story on JPIE, and my recent post on Fistful of Talent5 Must-Use Social Media Tools for HR & Recruiting Professionals in 2009.

Thanks to you for being a part of my Journey thus far, and I look forward to connecting with you (more frequently) in 2009!

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