Top 25 Talent Management Blogs As Ranked On Fistful of Talent

FOT Top 25 Yesterday over on Fistful of Talent, the Top 25 Talent Management Blogs were unveiled. It’s an impressive list, and as one of the judges, I enjoy both getting the list to vote for my personal favorites, as well as seeing the final results. As a result, I always come away with some new blogs to check out and add to my Google Reader. For the most recent poll, the crew at FOT considered 115 blogs, and votes were cast using this methodology.

Here’s the list of the 25 blogs we believe represent the best of the talent/recruiting/HR and human capital blogs. Be sure to check out the original post on Fistful for more information regarding first place votes, last poll ranking, etc. as well as a listing of 38 additional blogs that also received votes from at least one judge.

  1. cheezhead
  2. The Recruiter Guy
  3. Jim Stroud’s The Recruiters Lounge
  4. Compensation Force
  5. Personal Branding Blog – Dan Schawbel
  6. Your HR Guy
  7. Amybeth Hale – Research Goddess
  8. All Things Workplace
  9. Employee Evolution
  10. Great Leadership
  12. TalentMash by Kristin Gissarro
  13. Andy Headworth’s Sirona Says
  15. Evil HR Lady
  16. Marketing
  17. HR Bartender
  18. Three Star Leadership Blog
  19. Ask a Manager
  20. Seth Godin
  21. The Business of Management
  22. JibberJobber Blog
  23. Punk Rock HR
  24. TalentedApps
  25. Social Media Headhunter

The one and only downside of being a judge is that your own personal blog cannot be considered. So I’d like to make sure you’re aware of the personal blogs of some of those on the fine panel of judges, because I’m sure they would all be on this list if they were eligible! Kris Dunn, Jessica Lee, Maren Hogan, Josh Letourneau and Paul Hebert.

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  1. @David – Thanks for catching the link mistake! Paul’s got a fantastic blog at Incentive Intelligence, and I’d hate for anyone to miss it. The link in the original post has been updated thanks to you!

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