2008 Sherpa Executive Coaching Survey

Everest Earlier this year, Sherpa Coaching LLC and the Tandy Center for Executive Leadership at Texas Christian University sponsored a global survey to gather information about the state of Executive Coaching from coaches, as well as those who hire them. Here’s an excerpt from the Executive Summary of the 2008 Sherpa Executive Coaching Survey results:

Executive Coaching is a maturing industry, with more veteran coaches plying their trade than ever before. Those coaches are more highly trained as well. As the industry matures, its credibility as a leadership development tool is rising, and standards for practice and process are starting to emerge. In Executive Coaching, there are major moves toward:

  • Coaching as a leadership development tool, rather than a problem-solving mechanism.

  • In-person coaching.

  • Regular and structured meetings, with fixed-length engagements.

  • Adoption of industry standards for training and certification.

This 2008 global report answers critical questions about the industry:

  • What is Executive Coaching?
  • Who gets a Coach?
  • How are services delivered?
  • Who becomes a Coach?
  • How do they get their training?
  • How much does coaching cost?
  • Is it worth the money?

To view a complete copy of the 2008 Executive Coaching Survey results, click here.

If you’re an Executive Coach or have responsibility for engaging coaches or leadership training in your organization, you may want to participate in the 2009 on-line survey (through mid-December). The survey contains less than 20 questions and only takes a few minutes to complete. Those who participate will receive a copy of the complete results when the program concludes in Januaryy 2009.

To participate in the survey, click here.

The 2009 survey is sponsored by Sherpa Coaching LLC and the Executive Education Programs at the University of Georgia and Texas Christian University.

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