Ten People All Recruiters Should Follow On Twitter

Follow me If you’re a Twitter fan like me, you should definitely be reading the new blog called TwiTip (Twitter Tips in 140 Characters or More) to learn the latest tips, tools and suggestions for getting the most out of Twitter. I’ve been actively tweeting since March 2008, and I’m not ashamed to say that Twitter has become one of the top resources I use for connecting to leaders in the recruiting industry and learning what’s new or changing in the world of talent. So in the spirit of the recent post on TwiTip – Ten People All Twitter Beginners Should Be Following – I’d like to suggest (in no particular order)

Ten People All Recruiters Should Follow On Twitter

  1. Joel Cheesman / @cheezheadTwitter Bio: Internet recruiting junkie. Why follow? Information on how the Internet and technology are affecting Recruiting and Human Resources, as well as updates from an often frustrated Cleveland sports fan.
  2. Chris Hoyt / @TheRecruiterGuy – Twitter Bio: Social X addict and avid blogger – lover of innovative thought. Why follow? As the Associate Director of Talent Attraction at AT&T, Chris feeds his social media addictions by trying out all of the cool new tools and tricks. Get access to his findings via tweets and also on his highly informative blog.
  3. Jim Stroud / @jimstroudTwitter Bio: The Recruiter’s LoungeBlog explores the world of HR and Recruiting. It is written by Jim Stroud and his friends. Why follow? On his blog and in his tweets, Jim shares more tools and tips on how to find people on the web than anyone else out there. Another social media junkie, his tweets regularly contain links to articles and resources of interest to recruiters.
  4. Paul DeBettignies / @MNHeadhunter Twitter Bio: Minnesota IT Recruiter, Blog Writer, Co-Founder Minnesota Recruiters, Speaker, Consultant, Volunteer. Interests: Social Media, Politics, Sports. Why Follow? Regular tweets with employment and economic data resulted in Paul being quoted in The New York Times recently.
  5. Michael Marlatt / @michaelmarlattTwitter Bio: Recruiter, Internet Researcher, Evangelist, tech-junkie, social media & mobile enthusiast. Why follow? An emerging thought leader in the sourcing and recruiting worlds, Michael’s recent presentations at both SourceCon 2008 and ERE Fall Expo 2008 were the talk of the conferences.
  6. William Uranga / @williamuTwitter Bio: Negotiating to paint the Golden Gate with Stephen Wright. Otherwise, looking for cool people to build cool products at TiVo and blogging for Fistful of Talent. Why follow? The reference to Stephen Wright in his Bio provides an insight into William’s sense of humor, and his tweets are full of informative links and references that recruiters and talent management professionals will find informative.
  7. Jason Buss / @jjbuss – Twitter Bio: VP of Recruiting, Social Networking, Marketing, Blogger, Social Media, Hubby & Dad of 3, Staffing, Talent Acquisition, Human Resources, HR. Why follow? The keyword rich Twitter bio says it all. Get information and tweets across the talent spectrum.
  8. Dennis Smith / @dennissmithTwitter Bio: Founder/President, WirelessJobs.com. Why follow? Dennis does a nice job of mixing in job opportunities with informational tweets. He’s one of the leaders in the recruiting industry on effectively using the Internet to brand himself and grow his business.
  9. Suzy Tonini / @InfosourcerTwitter Bio: Manager, Internet Research at Deloitte. Dig: Internet Research, social media & networking, semantic web, technology, Web 2.0, careers, competitive intelligence. Why follow? Suzy’s RSS Reader must burst at the seams everyday, and she shares links and information relevant to all of the things she digs, as well as what’s going on in the world around us.
  10. Maren Hogan / @marenhoganTwitter Bio: I rule. Really. Why follow? Maren definitely rules the social media space in the recruiting field. She’s active on RecruitingBlogs.com, Fistful of Talent and just about EVERYWHERE. She probably has more Tabs open on her computer at any given time than most of us do in a week, and she’s mixing it all up with her own style and humor. Guaranteed to make you laugh!

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6 thoughts on “Ten People All Recruiters Should Follow On Twitter

  1. Wow, Jennifer. Thanks for the kind mention and association with a diverse group of peers who have mad talent 8~). This list offers more than one driven solely on “stats”. Safe travels, happy hunting.

  2. Jennifer,
    Without a doubt, Twitter is a great resource for keeping a pulse on the latest buzz, as well as emerging trends that are shaping our world.
    I absolutely echo William’s comments and am honored to be mentioned on your site, as well as be associated with the list of folks you have cited above.
    See you on Twitter… 🙂

  3. And I too am honored and late for a date- could it be Twitter’s fault?!?!? Nah- never!;-)
    I enjoy finding and sharing information, and if it’s of use and of interest to others, well, that’s a good thing.Twitter is a phenomenon that goes past the web- I’ve met some very interesting folks in person via Tweetups, won a contest to Zappos in Las Vegas,made over a thousand new virtual connections and you never know where that could lead in life.
    Eat, Sleep, Tweet 😉

  4. @William @Michael & @Suzy – Thanks for stopping by. I learn a ton from you guys on Twitter and elsewhere. Thanks for being a part of my network!

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